Is the site going offline for others too?

  1. I keep getting the white screen these last few days. I click and it says that site isnt available. I have to keep reloading and then it will come back. It also seems very slow when loading.

    Is this happening for others? Or is it my computer? My kids probably gave my system a virus :nuts: from that awful MySpace :cursing:

    Thanks for any info...
  2. It's been doing it to me to....but I am using Safari!
  3. Thanks Twiggers, I dont know what Safari is. I am using IE 6.0 if its a browser.
  4. I use IE 6.0 and couldn't sign on for more than an hour.
  5. I couldn't sign on before either. Now I'm starting to get Database Errors. :sad:
  6. i have probs, too and have IE.
  7. Thanks everyone...I am going to put my sledgehammer away now :sos::smash:
  8. I have Internet Explorer 7 and I'm having the same problems as you guys.

    Not to mention the PM's that I was replying to and then after I hit send reply: vavoom, gone it all was......but unfortunately not to the recipient :hysteric: :crybaby:> Forgive me, I'm having PMS and my hormones are all over the place :rolleyes:
  9. Is this still happening?
  10. ^ I was just about to say that it's getting slightly better *knocks on wood*
  11. I keep getting you have chosen to open: application/x-httpd-php
  12. I think so. I just got another Database Error. Thanks for all your help! :flowers:
  13. So far so good on Safari right now. But the problem has been off and on for about a week now (maybe even a tad bit longer...sicne just before search was taken away)
  14. Vlad, just fyi, because I know you've been busting your butt with the new search engine. :yes: I still can't access mobile tPF from my BlackBerry. I get the same error message that I got repeatedly on Saturday night (and I've never seen this error message before that):

    The item you selected cannot be displayed
    Unsupported media type: application/x-httpd-php
  15. Yeah every time I get that database error now my heart goes "oh nooooooes!" because I think tpf is going to go down.