Is the shoulder tote a good everyday bag?

  1. Hi, I'm thinking about getting a dark brown coach bag. I'm trying to decide between the gallery tote and shoulder tote. I have a 19 month old so I will be carrying a diapees and wipees, sippy cup and snacks along with my stuff: phone, make up case, wallet, wristlet and coin purse. I like the gallery tote except it has suede on the bottom, I don't know if the metal feet give enough protection when it's placed on the floor. However, i'm afraid the shoulder tote may be too big for an everyday bag but on the other hand the strap appears more comfortable. What to do???
  2. I picked up a camel colored shoulder tote in spring and love it. It definitely holds a lot and makes a great everyday bag. I've been thinking of picking up one in a darker brown color to use for fall and winter. Between the gallery tote and the shoulder tote, I'd pick the shoulder tote.
  3. ^^I agree with Maxie! That shoulder can hold everything you need to carry and more!
  4. yes there really good! i have the khaki gallery tote I use to everyday for skewl! =D you can hold a lot! the suede is a bit annoying but u can get the cleaners =D
  5. They are really good. It can hold a-lot! As others have said there are suede cleaners. I think it would be perfect to use as a diaper bag/regular bag.
  6. I bought a patent leather tote several years ago and have used it as a diaper tote and find it perfect. It goes over my shoulder so I can be hands free. Also, I am able to stick in 2 bottles, a can of formula, my wallet, keys, 3 diapers, a skinny plastic wipes case, and extra clothes. It is perfect. And since it is the patent leather (no suede on it), I am able to wipe it down whenever formula spills on it. The inside is a fabric that I have literally soaked and dried.
  7. Oh, what great advice Disney4Us! I was just at the store today checking out the mahogany patent leather gallery tote. It looks big enough for a small trip to the store, but not for an overnight trip or anything.

    The only thing I wish...was that it had a zipper on top...the current patent leather gallery tote only has a clasp.

  8. Shoulder bags are very good and easy to use. :yes:
  9. Bagsessed, it sounds like we have similar needs in an everyday bag. I have a three-year-old and needed a bag that would hold my basic stuff (wallet, etc.) plus a diaper/wipes, sippy cup, toy, etc. I posted a few weeks ago about my expedition to the store to try out all the totes. I ended up getting the gallery tote in brown/brass and I :heart: :heart: :heart: it! It holds way more than it looks like it would hold.

    Because the suede on the bottom is very dark brown, it's holding up well and I'm not worried about it. I definitely wouldn't have bought the khaki one, though, because the lighter suede would get too dirty too quickly for me.

    I tried out the shoulder totes and didn't like them on me. They held a lot but they were too big and boxy-looking on me. The gallery tote was a better size for my stature (I'm 5'5" and small-boned). I haven't found it to be uncomfortable on my shoulder, and I can also carry it in my hand comfortably (the straps aren't too long).

    Good luck and let us know what you decide on!
  10. I just took my new chocolate shoulder tote to Hawaii and it fit everything we needed on our outings - my 4 yr old had his snacks, change of clothes along with all my beauty stuff and there was still enough room for some souvenirs - and a week in Hawaii can be pretty rough on a bag - mine came home completely unscathed - it's tougher than it looks!
  11. Thanks for all the opinions. I think i may end up picking up the shoulder tote after all.
  12. post some pics of your new tote when you get it and let us know what you think!