Is the shoe size of "Brooklyn" the same like "Coda" ??

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  1. Hey everyone!
    I would like to order some gucci Brooklyn shoes online and would like to know if the size is true to the Coda's? I have a pair of coda in size 39,5 EU. Will Brooklyn fit me even in the same size?
  2. As a rule of thumb I go down .5 from my normal size with Gucci. In flats it might be more a whole size but try not compare actual styles with certainty, you really will have to try on for size. I have 2 pairs of Gucci lace-up, brogue type shoes bought only a year apart, they both fit me perfectly but one is .5 'bigger' than the other. They are obviously both made from the same last. I think modifications and different materials an leathers change the sizing a little.
  3. Personally I also find Gucci shoes to be .5 larger and so have to go down .5. For flats, I would need to go down a full size.