Is the Shelton Mat a shoulderbag?

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  1. Or is it just a handheld? does anyone have pix of it on?
  2. Check the Visual Aids, I know bagsnbags has one.
  3. It is just a handheld. The handles are too short to be worn on the shoulder.
  4. handheld only, the handle are too's gorgeous bag
  5. handheld only. it's beautiful, get it if you can!!
  6. does $800 sound like too much to pay for one in great condition pre-owned?
  7. ^hmm don't really know, I paid $620 for mine on eBay in great condition. I rarely see them up and the only other one I saw was going for $1000 something. I bought mine on impulse and just hit BIN haha.
  8. hmm.. well the bag was about $1040 at full retail when it was pulled (either $1040-$1080, I get confused cuz at the time I had wanted the Jasmin as well), and you have to consider that the bag rarely shows up on eBay... are you looking @ the one on eBay right now?? I think that one has a ludlow with it as well, so it's really $800 for a bag & a wallet. I think it's a pretty good deal, IMO. Good Luck!
  9. It's only handheld. $800 in that condition sounds reasonable. I just bought a new purple shelton for $850 but I have to pay customs once it gets here so it'll be more for me. :push:

    There is a black one up on ebay for $699 right now. Looks good except for a few scratches, but it's from Indonesia so if you live in the states, you'll have to pay for custom.
    eBay: AUTHENTIC VUITTON BLACK MONOGRAM MAT SHELTON - MPRS (item 200061047808 end time Jan-19-07 06:28:30 PST)
  10. Could you please post pictures of your Shelton when it gets here because I rarely see this color? Thanks so much, Irissy!
  11. that is the one i am considering. is it rude to email the seller and ask if she can go any lower, considering it is only a buy it now without the option of best offer or bidding?

  12. hey, thanks for that! i wonder how much customs would come out to though. any idea how that works?
  13. and yes, PLEASE post pix! the mat purple is what i would love to have, black is secondary to that color! for sure! finding ANY mat items is rare, especially the purple. but oddly enough, i don't see them out and about on anyone.
  14. Lovely bag, One thing to check is for wrinkles at the top top zipper area.
    My sister purchased one off ebay and the mat leather at the top had soften and worn with use.
    Just a thought....
  15. thanks!