Is the seller serious? Bidding starts at $6,500?

  1. OMG LOL!!!! I think she is serious... and her feed back is 0
  2. It's not like the bag is an exotic skin or a desired runway classic. What a hugh laugh!!
  3. ^^^^^Too funny.....

  4. She obviously has the decimal in the wrong place. The best Gucci vintage don't go for that much! I love her response though....she'll change it after she "looks it over"...yeah right!
  5. This is hysterical! The questions section is the best! This seller is way out of touch! Thanks for posting, I needed a good laugh!
  6. Wow! I wonder what the listing fee is on that one!
  7. Silly....
  8. Probably thinks she could fool some collector or anyone into thinking its actually worth that much after all these years. Checked out her other auctions also, not as high but same kind of thing. I wonder what she'd do if other people told her the same thing.
  9. Too funny... Imagine what item you can buy at Gucci for that amount of money...
  10. Haha.... imagine if a trouble maker bids on it and insists that they have paid for it. Imagine the Final Value Fee....
  11. Clearly someone who doesnt know much about Gucci or eBay. :huh:
  12. outrageous. How ignorant!
  13. Lol.
  14. Err..LOL.