Is the Saleya MM TOO big?

  1. I have the PM and would like just a little bit more room. I have to "arrange" all my things to make them fit, would rather just be able to throw them in. Not sure if the MM is too big? Any thoughts? :shrugs:

  2. It's very generous in size and wide like the petit noe.
  3. nope- not too big. i can toss everything and anything in it. it makes me look much more organized than i really am!
  4. I love the size of the mm. It's such a beautiful bag with all that chunky hardware, too.
  5. i think it would be a great size..
    doesnt Jo jo have pic's of the mm ?
  6. IMHO, the Saleya MM is a tad too big... I very much prefer the size of the PM.
  7. I think it's the perfect size... I saw the PM, MM, and GM side-by-side this past Monday.
  8. I really love the size! I tried it on in the store and thought it was a great shove everything in size :biggrin:
  9. Nope-MM is perfect, you'd go for it :yes:
  10. i was wondering the same about the mm and glad to see some input from you guys.
  11. <-- I LOVE my Saleya MM!!! :love: It is the perfect size!
  12. The MM is huge, I don't think I could do it, but I am petite.

    However if you approach it as a "big tote bag", it's just the right size.

    The GM is ridonkulous.
  13. Yeah, I'm petite too, but just :heart: big bags. ;) Like I said, I have the PM and love the bag, but hate that everything has to be arranged "just right" in order for it to all fit! :shrugs:
  14. GOOD Q! I often though about this too!!

    ALSo another question, does the MM stay structured like the PM? I can see from everyone's pics who have the GM that it would slouch and therefore be unstructured!. thanks!
  15. Yeah, I'm petite and I LOVE big bags too! I was so tempted to buy the GM -- but it was wearing me more than the other way around! LOL!!

    AND I wanted the PM as well because its so cute and elegant! But the size of the MM just won me over. I love it and use it every day. You can use it as a shoulder bag and a handheld/crook-of-the-arm bag. :love: When my mother came over to visit she radared on the bag immediately and picked it up and said, "Wow, that is the perfect-sized bag!"