Is the SALE over?

  1. I know it started on the 5th but I was wondering if it ended already??
  2. No, it is still going on, but lots of the styles are already sold.
  3. yeah I kept trying to get down to Bev Hills to go but everytime I was getting ready to go something came up and I couldn't. I think God was trying to tell me I didn't need to spend more money!! hehe

    God must be in cahoots with hubby!
  4. I was at the Gucci Boutique on Tuesday and they still had sale items.
  5. My friend just went to Gucci Boutique at Santana Row in CA this afternoon and got a Peggy Large Shoulder Bag. It is strange... When she called the store yesterday to ask about the bag, she was told that the sale was over, and the bag is back at its original price of $1,420. Today she went in and was able to get it at $849. The sale is still on...
  6. Tracy, I was at the Rodeo boutique yesterday and their sale is still on (very limited pieces though). I made the mistake of stopping at the new Gucci boutique at the Beverly Center thinking they would have sale items, however, I was told that since they just opened - they are not participating in the sale - just FYI.
  7. Yeah they have no sale BUT they have a lot of the fall line in stock. So that makes it worth going. Does anyone know when all the other stores will have the new Fall stuff in?
  8. The sale is still going in most stores... My Dallas boutique has A LOT of the fall items in already
  9. thank you!! I was gonna go to the Bev Center tomorrow cuz I want to go to LeSportsac and I was gonna stop by the new Gucci but glad to know they don't have any sale stuff. SO I think I might go there then head over to Rodeo too. I also want to check out LV and see the new Amarante stuff and the Neverfull bag!
  10. ^^ looks like somebody is about to come home soon with lots of niceeee stuff from differnet places ;) contain yourself!! ;) cuss i wouldn't be able to
  11. Hrm..I called Gucci Stockholm and the girl I spoke with told me the sale is starting after june 23rd.

    I hope they still got something when I get there july 12 or I'll be sad T_T

    I've never been to a Gucci sale before. Do you see what items that are on sale or do you have to ask?
  12. hmm, looks like the sale calendar is different for each region. It has started in Singapore already
  13. is there any bucket hats on sale in singapore?
  14. I didnt see those