Is the Sabrina coming out in this color??

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  1. I hope this hasn't been posted yet... but as I was browsing e*ay I came across this beauty... is COACH making a patent bright green in the sabrina?? :drool: (pic borrowed from e*ay-NOT my listing)
  2. i dont know but i hope so! i like the darker green one..but that grass green is TDF!
  3. Maybe that's one of the new colors for Spring?
  4. ^^^it is a new color for spring... wow seriously it is TDF! :drool:
  5. I just looked it up on Ebay. I wonder how it can be new for spring but has the outlet bulls eye.
  6. It is probably just the original green patent. The flash makes it shades lighter.
  7. thoughts exactly!!! Maybe also sent to the outlet due to a lighter variation in the dye batch!! IMO, I think the color is the pic is yummier (is that a word?) than the dark patent green!!!
  8. Too bad. It's definitely yummy in the pic.
  9. Looks pretty. Why did I think the green patent had a chain strap though?
  10. That's absolutely gorgeous! Is that the darker green just w/ the pic taken w/ a really bright flash maybe?
  11. I think the green patent did have a chain strap...
  12. #12 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    If you look at the listing pictures the strap is shown. I think this is the original with a bright flash.
  13. That is definetly the one that was out, but no longer available-Because I have the excact one! I think its the flash, but mine is pretty close to the color in the pic.
  14. So this is the forest green color and not a new color? :crybaby:
  15. ^^ It's the old color, and the flash just washes it out a bit. I wish it really looked like this since I'm not a fan of the darker green.