Is the rumour true?

  1. I just got the timeless clutch in black lambskin which I love, but now I'v heard a rumour that there will be a clutch in the same model as timeless one, but in the camellia pathern.

    Such a clutch would blow my mind :nuts: Anyone who can confirmed?
  2. That would be pretty! :heart: Camelia is the new Cambon.
  3. I don't know if the rumor is true, but that would be sooooo gorgeous.
  4. ooh where did you hear this! was it a reliable source?? i might drop dead if i see the camelia clutch in that soft pink!
  5. ^^^lol, Ita!
  6. there was a lace patterned one out recently that got described as camelia, was it this one? it was black and white and very pretty, and defo timeless shape
  7. Oh I want one too!!!!
    Who would know? It seems like TPFers know more than the SA's!
  8. That sounds Yummy! I really wish the Camelia clutch would be all leather. That will be sooo lovely!

    Mediana- Where did you hear this from? If from the boutique, I am definitely going to check with my SA tomorrow!
  9. Wowwww if that is true, I DEFINITELY WANT ONE!!! Can anyone confirm??
  10. Oh I want to know too... I would love one!!! It will be soooooooooooo gorgeous... I can just picture it in my head :p
  11. Pictures, Jack Bauer (chloe-babe)! Pictures! :o) *gets drooling head-start*
  12. wow, a camelia patterned clutch. I would LOVE it!
  13. I would love the clutch in black.
  14. ooh i do hope this rumour is true!
    i'd be so excited!
  15. hmmmm...sounds pretty.:cutesy: