Is the ROUGE VIV too bright?

  1. For those that have seen it in real life? I am about to put my order in but am having second thoughts. My *perfect* red is last season's rouge if it helps... :cry::cry::cry:
  2. There's a rouge hobo on UK Ebay at the moment - it's gorgeous!

    BTW - haven't seen the new colour so I am of no help there.
  3. I'm very curious about the rouge vif too... anyone?
  4. haven't seen it too..but I want one in a city:graucho: :heart:
  5. the LVR photos are quite confusing, i like the city pic on the top right, but the one on the left would be too bright for me :sad:
  6. just make sure to pick it out yourself, each bag will vary, thats sort of the best and worst thing about the balenciaga leather... its not like Hermes where colors are consistent.
  7. the problem is ill be ordering it online as im from australia :sad:
  8. Hi Frayed...

    have you checked with Lily at Cult Status..?? she is great and if you ask nicely (he he) she has a digital camera in store and can take photos for you..she did that for me with the Work Ink bag I was looking at.

    If you email her, she will let you know what models she is getting in Rouge and put you on the wait list. She will email you as soon as they arrive and organise to send you pictures of the bags so you get a better chance of chosing what you want..

    Just something to think about..
  9. thanks mrsmac i might try that, but i think i need to order soon as i will be ordering from LVR.

    actually ill email LVR and ask how long can i let it wait for, so maybe i can still wait till everyone starts posting pics of it :smile:
  10. I've seen a First in the new Rouge Vif at Bal Paris yesterday.
    It is exactely as someone already wrote : a little raspberry...
    Personnaly, I was a little bit deceipt...I prefered the one on the LVR pics...
    But it may change from a bag to an another...
    And by the way I love the new Truffe and Grenat !!!!
    I'm going to Bal Printemps Corner next week to choose a new bag=> My SA is adorable so I'll try to have and send pics !
  11. what do you mean by raspberry, as in a deeper red? :smile:
  12. frayed_misfit girl, the rouge VIF (a.k.a. fire engine red) is a true red color, just like a fire engine or a nice red lipstick :heart: ...i didn't see any purply tones in it, but i would say the color is deeper & not as bright as than the 2005 rouge theatre :rolleyes:
  13. Not to exactly : it's not deeper or even dark (in fact I'd love a little darker real red:love: )...
    If the Rouille was (to me) a red with orange tones, this Rouge vif appears to me as a really bright red with maybe pink (rapsberry) tones...
  14. hmmmmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure if any of those bags looked like the new red :wondering ...i looks like a red heart :heart: or a red lipstick...sorry i can't be more accurate than that's not orange or pink or purple or magenta, just a true, simple red color :amuse: