Is the Rouge (Red) Paddy still hot for fall?

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  1. Hi guys!

    My first post... :angel:

    What do you think? I have a change to buy an used Chloé Paddington in red (Rouge) for this fall. The bag is authentic and the price is about 35 % below retail.

    Is the bag SO last year, or could I carry it proudly? I do like the bag, but I'm still not sure if it is a "passé" bag.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Red in general is very hot for fall.
  3. Yeah, I know red is hot! I really need a red bag for fall!
    I'm just concerned if the Paddington is still cool...
  4. Nita, its still a hot bag, but you should buy it because you love the colour and the style of the paddy, not because it is still "in". The paddy is still being made this a/w which is a good indication that a bag is still hot, and I personally loved the dark red. Go with your heart, do not buy it because some fashionista you are never going to meet might think it hot or not :biggrin:
  5. Thanks! I do love the overall design and the texture of the bag. The size is also perfect for me! I'm just not quite sure if this red is too bright for me :shrugs:...
  6. can the seller email you a piccie that you can add on here?. We will give you an opinion if you like. Also take into account the colours that you usually wear and if you think the red would compliment them. You would be quite surprised how many colours the red does go well with :yes:
  7. [​IMG]



    Here you go! I think I could match the bag with my fall/winter clothes: I have a lot of white, beige, brown, black, grey etc. I'm not sure if it goes with pink or baby blue...:shrugs:
  8. There were 2 reds made. The rouge red (Nichole's bag) and a slightly darker red, the grenat red. If you are concerned about it being too bright for you, you might want to hold out for a grenat red which is also beautiful, but less fire engine red.
  9. Stunning bag ! It's hot to me.
  10. Wow, beautiful bag, totally TDF, definitly my favourite colour in the paddington! Love's it!
  11. I love this color and it is hard to get i think.GO FOR IT! I wish i had a chance of finding one as well... oh and chloe-babe i tottaly agree with you...
  12. I got my Rouge Paddy satchel August 2005 (was new for fall '05) so it is a fall bag and Red bags are big this fall '06 as well. It is not at all too bright of a red. I love to wear it with my jeans (it is one of my fav Chloe Paddy colors). Make sure it is legit and if it is, 'go for it'!
  13. i have the grenat and i love it. if i had the chance to get the rouge, i definately go for it!
  14. Personally for me, I had the grenat and sold it and later bought the rouge.

    I wanted a brighter red :yes:
  15. oh Gosh, I love it.
    I totally think you should buy it. Its gorgeous :biggrin: