Is the RM Matinee Too big?

  1. So i've wanted a RM Matinee bag for months and i was SO excited to see the Midnight w/ Pewter on sale this week at Delcina for $375. I've waffling with this bag all week because i don't know how big it is and yesterday i finally tracked down a store in Toronto that had a Matinee in stock and tried it on. At first glance, it's huge! And now i'm even more confused. I guess my question is, did anyone grow to love your Matinee? Did anyone else find it too big at first?
    I'm so sad to give this deal up because i've wanted the bag forever and the price is great for me (it retails for $825 in Canada and shipping at Delcina is only 12 bucks!) but i'm so nervous about the size!
    I just missed out on all the AC sales at Active Endeavors and now this. :sad:
  2. Have you tried it on? Because when I first saw it I found it quite big but after trying it on it looked ok. I have quite a few bags which weren't love at first sight but which have grown on me. If you think the matinee is to big may be you should try the MAM in a soft leather because it slouches more.
    I just received my first matinee myself and I absolutely love it because of the soft leather and the clever compartments. IMO it makes a very practical bag which can hold a lot.
  3. I know from experience that it really depends on the kind of leather. I ordered the matinee in elephant b/c I loved the style and the color but it was super HUGE on me (I'm 5'3" ~110lbs) and really looked and felt like a suitcase, esp in that color. So I sent it back, and after much debate got the blue/lt gray one from label360 (think it's the same one that Tanja has posted pics of?). And I love it! It really doesn't feel too big at all, though I do like larger bags.
    What color did you see IRL/try on? The midnight seems like it might be a smooshier leather, like the one I have. You probably can't return it to Delcina when it's on super sale, so if you do end up getting it, make sure you can handle reselling it, etc if it doesn't work out. I hope it works out either for you either way!
  4. I have the black matinee with blue suede and im 5'6'' around 115 pounds and it isnt big at all...i love the size and since i love satchels its a perfect size for me...not too big and not too small...
  5. I actually tried on the grey w/suede at Augustina as they didn't have the midnight but i'm assuming the leather is comparable between the two and not as stiff as the elephant. Softee Bee do you by any chance have any pics of you modeling your bag?
    I'm still debating it since i have till tomorrow to place the order. I keep walking around the house and measuring my various bags to get a idea of the size. My mother thinks i'm nuts.

    As a side note, i noticed that the Kooba Stella is on sale at Active Endeavors. Anyone have any experience with this bag?
  6. I have the matinee that I just got in black/pewter. It's great! It's a tad bigger then the mini MA but definitely smaller then the regular MA. It's inbetween and I prefer this size to the MA.
  7. I love my matinee, and carry it most of the time on my shoulder -- but even when I do carry it on my arm/by hand it isn't that big. I admit when it first arrived I thought "OMG it's huge!" especially compared to photos, but when I put my stuff in then it just "fit". To me it's a perfect size!
  8. I like to think of the Matinee as a "small submarine" :roflmfao:

    Honestly though, the bag is built like a tank and has so much organization. It may look big initially, but as madaboutdarcy noted, when you put all your goodies just "fits"
  9. Oooooh....if only these came with James Bond's tell #!!! (Pierce Brosnan's of course!) :graucho:
  10. Hmm, if only the Matinee came with a Pierce Brosnan!!!:graucho::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. I'm sure that exclusive would be "snatched" up immediately!!! :graucho:
  12. Well i took the plunge and bought the bag! I'm SO excited and yet nervous all at the same time. I can't wait till it ships. Thanks to everyone for their insightful comments and while we're on the subject of James Bond, i wish my bag would ship with Daniel Craig!
  13. That is my exact question...I like matinee but wondered whether it is too big for me.

    once you receive it, can you share your modeling experience? please keep us posted! I love to hear what you think of your bag!
  14. when i went into augustina to look at the matinee, i was in there for about an hour trying to figure out if its a good size for me. i fell in love with it when i saw it popping up in magazines, but still to this day am not sure if its gonna be way to big on me.

    congrats on your bag by the way. do you have pics?
  15. I find the measurements typically listed for the matinee (17x8x8) to be very misleading. The bag is nowhere as "east-west" as those dimensions sound. Unless you are stuffing the two end pockets to the max, I think they sort of collapse (not in a bad way!) in and give the bag a smaller profile. I actually feel it is smaller than the Morning After Mini because the matinee fits better under my arm (as opposed to the boxy shape of the MAM). I hope this makes sense.