Is the RM matinee really that huge?

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  1. I'm looking for any everyday bag to hold my wallet (which is kind of like a small clutch), sunglasses, glasses, phone, very small day planner, etc. I want something that will hold it all but won't be overwhelming. Is the MAM a better choice? TIA!
  2. I have both styles (Matinee & MAM) and imo the matinee will hold all of your items but so will the mam. Neither of them are "overwheleming". The only downside about the Matinee is the zipper portion to the main compartment doesn't extend from one end to another. Does that make sense? I have a chameleon insert (med) and I kinda have to force it into my matinee but I don't have this problem with my MA or MAM. I think you should take a look at some of the photo's that are posted on the RM forum, a good reference would be the "what do you carry in your RM" (that may not be the exact title). That particular thread has photo's of what RM owners actually carry in their RM handbags (wallets, sunglasses, etc.).
  3. I have a MAB and a Matinee.... I think the Matinee is a great size bag. Its not too big at all IMO. It is just wide. I don't have a MAM yet. Each time i make an effort to get the MAM i wind up finding a MAB at a better deal!
  4. I found a matinee on Bluefly for a pretty good price and decided to go for it! It will be my first ever RM bag...I hope I like it! If not, I can always send it back. I'll try to post pics when it comes!
  5. what color did you get?
  6. Black with blue suede. I just saw the pics of yours, and it looks great! Do you have any modeling pics?
  7. Just got mine (Night/Gold Crackle) and it is pretty big! I am used to big bags but I did not expect for the Matinee to be so wide and long. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful! I am 5'7" and 140lbs. Will post pics once camera is charged.

    Only thing I am a little bummed about is that it is for nighttime use. Tha gold makes it very flashy. I'll try with the flaps down but the great thing about this bag is the flaps underside. Hopefully the order I put for the Wine Matinee will go through and then I'll be able to use it for both day and night.

    Good luck.

    PS. I tried the MAM at a store and it is a perfect day to night bag. The zipper in the Matinee is a little narrow though so make sure that your planner/journal will fit.
  8. I apologize as this is a TERRIBLE picture, but you can just make out the size of the matinee. I'm 5'4, for reference (but wearing 3 inch heels in that photo).

    I guess it depends on what you think is too big. I like to put all my stuff in the central pocket of the matinee, and for som reason I feel that the main pocket holds less or just about the same as in the MAM. The MAM central compartment is easier to get into than the matinee.

    Anyways good choice with the matinee, I think you'll like it! I thought mine was too big at first and was going to sell it, but I kept it for a day or two and fell in love.:heart:

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  9. ^girl what color matinee is that? It looks fierce! LOL :tup:
  10. I ordered the black with pewter matinee and ended up sending it back...The bag was a bit long for me, but what I didn't not like most about it was the size of the opening for such a large bag..It did not open up the length of the bag and was not that easy to get into...Just my opinion...I like the mam and nikki much better..but i do like the overall look of the matinee...
  11. I have an Glazed Expresso Matinee. It took me a while to get used to it. I do feel that it's too big. I like the design of Matinee a lot. But I am not so sure about the size. Therefore, I have not carried my matinee too much. I would buy a matinee mini though (just a little bit smaller, it will be even better with that I can use some sort of strap to wear croo body)...I am 5'7, but maybe, I just don't like big bags that much.
  12. Midnight and pewter :heart:
    I was trying it out for work that day...first and last time that I bring it into the workplace!! I had people dropping by to feel it up all day, poor molested bag.
  13. :lol: i hope they asked for permission first.


  14. mmmm i agreee! i would totally go for a manitee mini!!! i love the design of the bag, but it's just a little bit too big for my 5"1 frame. :sad:

    maybe if i wish hard enough, i'll grow to fit it :shrugs:
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