Is the Rive Gauche unpopular?

  1. I notice not many YSL fans have this bag as compared to the Downtown and the Muse. Not many celebs are sighted with this bag either. Personally I love the shape.

    But is the Rive Gauche going to be killed off by YSL? I dont see much of it on websites like NM, Saks either and I am looking for a black medium-sized one.
  2. I know it's coming back in that croc-embossed style. The other day, when I went to the local YSL in Chevy Chase, MD, the associate there showed me their back room where they had some Rive Gauches on sale. Not sure on the sizing or price.
  3. SuLi, do you recall what colors Chevy Chase had in the RG??? (I've been looking for the '06 dark forest green RG for a long time.)

    Spendalot, the RGs were very popular when they were first released about two years ago, although they haven't been as prevalent as the Muse or Downtown. There are still some around for sale if you're looking for one, particularly on BlueFly, and as SuLi mentioned, there are new croco-embossed versions for spring. In recent seasons, YSL has generally been doing them in neutral colors--black, white, beige, etc--but I'm hoping they do some more vivid colors for next fall.
  4. spendalot, there are some nice pics in the celebrity thread of Courtney Cox, Cate Blanchett, Sienna Miller and Julianne Moore with their RGs. It's not as ubiquitous as the Muse or Downtown (even the Tribute was only frequently seen on celebs in the quilted patent version) but there are so many great YSL bags that don't necessarily end up in the spotlight.

    I do think YSL is still behind this bag since they released the embossed patent versions for spring, but it can be a little harder to find.
  5. Cosmopolitan - The only one she took out of the bag to show me was a lighter chocolate color. It's possible that they had more in stock...most of the items were in dustbags. I think you should definitely give them a call...since you're so close.

    What was funny was that the sales associate asked me where I lived (I told her that I live in Arlington); her immediate response was, you should buy something and have us ship it to avoid the tax!
  6. Thanks, and I've had the same thing happen to me: When shopping out at Tyson's in Va., I've had SAs suggest shipping items back to me in D.C. :yes: I've never actually done it (because I want the instant gratification of the bag in my hands right away :nuts:) but it would be a significant savings.
  7. I really love everything about it from the leather to the way it slouches when carried. I actually have the large one in khaki color but I feel the medium size one would be perfect. (If only I can do a swap)

    I am disappointed that doesnt have this bag in their online boutique so I really hope you girls are right about YSL not killing off this bag.
  8. I hope they're not killing it off!!!
    I've recently been bitten by YSL bug. Although my initial draw was Muse, I was looking through this forum and I think Rive Gauche just might be THE perfect bag for me.

    SuLi - do you recall how much they were discounted for?
  9. I didn't ask her...sorry! You should give them a call though. I think the number can be located from the YSL website, under stores in America. It's the Chevy Chase store.

    Good luck!
  10. I love the rive gauche. i prefer it over the muse and downtown. i don't have one, but I'd like to, if I come across one in that olive color..
  11. I called today - it's $1080
    they have black and brown
    large size only
  12. There's an Olive RG on bluefly!
  13. oh dang! I need a medium.
  14. SuLi and Cosmopolitan, Saks Jandel is having their 50%-80% off sale this weekend at the Embassy Row Westin. I found out about it last evening when talking with an SA and popped over this morning. There's not much there, but I was able to snag a Large Black Rive Gauche for only $717! :yahoo:It was marked from $1795 down to $1395 and then marked down again for the sale this weekend. There was also a Medium in a Caramel color but someone was having that held for her while I was there, and there was another Large in Chocolate. I'm going to take some pics of my new baby sometime next week.

    They also had two Ivory and two Dark Green Rive Gauche satchels for, I think, $598. Other than that, they had some small Yris hobos around $500 and various shoes. I don't think either of you were specifically looking for what they had available, but I wanted to mention it since the sale does go through tomorrow. There was a much larger selection of apparel so that could be worth popping over to check out, too.
  15. Wow, congrats on your great deal on the black RG, shazam! :yahoo:I've never made it to that Saks Jandel sale, but it sounds like its worth checking out.

    Those two dark green RG satchels have been hanging around Saks Jandel FOREVER. I've seen them on the sale tables over and over again. Too bad they are the RG satchel and not the regular RG tote. :sad: