is the rive gauche part of the fall collection?

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  1. Just wondering whatever happened to the rive gauche (in ostrich particularly) - are there any in the fall collection? If so, what are the colors?
  2. Well, hasn't posted the fall collection yet, and I haven't seen a lookbook personally. There were no Rive Gauches in the spring/summer collection. But I've noticed that NM has gotten a few more in stock in the past week or so, so I suspect they are bringing the bag back for fall. Also, there was a purple fringe Rive Gauche featured in Vogue recently, so that's another sign they are coming back.
  3. Hope so! Happy that I did get one because I do love the style.... ;)):yes:
  4. I saw that NM has one listed in chocolate while Saks is offering both ivory and chocolate. It will be interesting to see what they come out with for fall. I did order one from NM in black and it should be here the beginning of next week. I have not seen this style IRL so I hope that I like it. I always thought the style looked great on Courtney Cox and Reese Witherspoon.
  5. ^^^ Congrats crouner! Please post pics when you get it. :yes:
  6. has anyone found out any more info on the rive gauche for fall?
  7. yes, anyone??
  8. i went to the sf ysl store a few weeks ago, and the sa said the rive gauche will continue for fall in black, chocolate and ivory only...
    i believe both sizes will still be available...
  9. Thanks for posting the news. I do wish they'd add some more colors, though...

  10. any in ostrich?
  11. i think so...
    when i went in there, they had a camel(?) ostrich...
  12. I was shown the taupe ostrich in Singapore. Its absolutely TDF. As the ostrich skin is stiffer than the regular leather, it holds the shape better i.e less slouch than the regular RG which tends to be really soft and mooshy after long use.
  13. I want this rive gauche :drool:. Does anyone know the name of the color? and if its still going to be part of the fall collection?
  14. ^ I think this is Jungle.
  15. is it part of the fall collection?