is the Rive Gauche D-O-N-E?

  1. So I received my YSL S/S 07 accessories catalogue in the mail yesterday. Not many surprises--lovely pics of all the hot bags we've been seeing advertised for a few months now, and they're all viewable on There are lots of Downtowns, the Tribute tote, the Double tote, and of course, the Muse. (And that dark violet color is everywhere!)

    BUT THEN IT DAWNED ON ME: No Rive Gauches. I checked on, and sure enough, there are no Rive Gauches featured in the S/S 07 collection there either. Has YSL discontinued the bag, or will they be back? Anybody have any inside info. from SAs?

    I never did buy a Rive Gauche, even though it's been on my wishlist forever. It was very popular when it was introduced last fall, so I'm kind of surprised. (I realize there are still some available at NM, Saks, Bluefly, but I was looking forward to some new colors in the future!)
  2. i hope its not discontinued! i love the rive gauche and planning to get one!
  3. I find it hard to believe they would discontinue it already, it seems to be a good seller, and my NM SA said was talking about the new colors for Spring just a month or so ago.
  4. ^^^Hmmm... on, there are two Rive Gauches listed under the Cruise 07 line (in ostrich and canvas), but there are no Rive Gauches listed under the S/S 07 line. Perhaps your SA was referring to the Cruise bags?
  5. Could be..............this is hard to believe, that they would discontinue this style. Guess we'll wait to find out for sure. Hope not!!
  6. ^^^Yeah, next time I'm in my local YSL, I'm definitely going to ask an SA.
  7. Well... I hope it's not over because I've just started really liking the style....:sad:
  8. Maybe they are just focusing on pushing the new Downtown bag right now, and the Rive Gauche will be back for fall???