Is the ring finger reserved for engagement rings?

  1. Is it really weird that I wear a ring from my boyfriend on my engagement ring finger? We're not engaged. He gave me the ring for our 1st anniversary well over a year ago. I've always worn rings on that finger since I was a kid. I just like the way it looks. Kind of strange, I guess. Anyway, am I a freak? The ring doesn't look like a wedding ring. This is it:
    What do you guys think?
  2. I'm the same. I wear non-engagement/wedding rings on my left ring finger all the time; always have. I think it's the best finger on which to wear rings, if you're right handed. :yes:

    But then I've never been one to follow, what I feel are, pointless traditions! :shrugs:
  3. I don't find it weird at all. I wear a promise ring my boyfriend gave me on our first year anniversary on my ring finger. We are not enaged and I've been wearing it for the last three years. It doesn't look like an engagement ring but it definitely keeps away weird/annoying guys when I go out without my boyfriend.
    Times definitely have changed so many people don't automatically assume you are engaged/married if you wear a ring on yourring finger.
  4. I don't think it's weird.

    What's weird is when I wear rings on my middle finger or pointer finger, on either hand, and people still ask me if I'm engaged. :wtf:
  5. No, I don't think it's weird. I do it too.
  6. No, but do you think its weird to wear an engagement ring on the middle finger? I think it was japster with her jewelry facts thread that the egyptians wore their ring on the middle finger because they thought the vein went straight to the heart?
  7. It really depends on your own beliefs. Some people are adamently opposed to any ring going on there, there was actually an old saying (Irish?)"If you place a ring on that finger that is not a marriage ring, you will be an unmarried woman always." or something like that....

    I don't think it matters really. Really, anything goes these days.
  8. I wear my class ring on my left ring finger. I like to wear rings on my left hand rather than my right since I write with my right hand.
  9. Before I was engaged I only wore rings on my left hand ring finger. I am a lefty and just more comfortable with rings on that finger. I only wear my grandmother's wedding ring on my right hand. I'm so mad b/c I have all these gorgeous rings that i really don't have room to wear anymore. But I'd take my engagement ring over all of them anyway!!
  10. I was just wondering about that same question myself. I saw someone on a tv show who wasn't married and she was wearing a ring on that finger and I thought it looked nice. I don't myself but I think it's a good idea for when you're running out of fingers to put rings on! I couldn't stand all the questions though, people asking if I was engaged etc as people are quite traditional around here. I think maybe if it was something that didn't obviously look like an engagement ring like the cool one nerdphanie posted then maybe I'd wear it (which by the way I love that ring! :love: )