Is the responses to LV more - than +???


Whats your experience?

  1. Mostly Negative

  2. Mostly Positive

  3. Dont know / None

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  1. Hey guys!!!

    I ask this because for me it is more negative.....

    In shops, in school, now even with those close to me like friends and family seem to have negative or very sterotypical vibes towards me...I distinctively feel, sometimes, that they are totally judging me and even make smart comments about a non-direct...suggestive way... KWIM??

    I even have a friend that tells me that I must be going through something b/c I am spending needless money on bags....:s Its funny b/c they dont seem to have the same view with other items I spend on like jewlery or clothes....:shrugs:

    Do you guys ever feel this as well?? Are all your experiences positive?? :s
  2. Ok, well, most of my experiences are negative. People think I spend too much money on bags. I try to explain that I buy and sell, but they don't get that for some reason and just think that I buy, and buy, and buy! They even ask me how much was the bag, how can I afford it, all sorts of things. It bugs me a lot cause I don't bother other people about what they do and I just wish that they could get something else to talk about except for my bags.

    On the other hand, ONCE in a while, a fellow bag lover will compliment me on my bags and be genuine so I know they mean it. I never mind that. :smile:
  3. To answer your question...absolutely not. My fiances (ex) friend would say the meanest things to me...and he was a guy. He always made some comment about how spoiled I was, that I was only with my now fiance because I was a golddigger (I make more money than my fiance), and how I would never amke a good wife to his "friend" because of my need of spending money...huh?!?!?!?! I cook dinner every night, make him lunch for work everyday, and work. Sometimes you just have to ignore and get these people out of your life. Not your family though, but the people who judge you based on your purse. That's where my fiances friend ended up, on the curb.
  4. I notice that I get more questions like that too....maybe its the brand that triggers that kind of assumptions or views???

    Because I dont get the same kinds of questions with other items....:shrugs:
  5. Yeah...but since I get these reactions from so many people..Im like is it me or is it your problem?? You know?? Ughhhhh....:hysteric:
  6. People's responses to me tend to be negative. Ever once in a great while a fellow bag lover will pop up. But, for the most part it is dealing with people that dont understand my enchantment with bags.
  7. My girlfriends normally give me positive feedbacks on my purchases only because they are LV fanatics like myself. They know I work hard for my money and that if I decide to treat myself, then let it be. (I'm a big saver too besides the fact I purchase two bags in the past month ;) ) The only negatives I receive are from folks who would rather I put funds into something that's more worth (i.e. new home, new car).

    :girlsigh: A woman can never have just one, two, three, or four LV bags!
  8. I voted none. My family doesn't say anything. My friends know I love LV and usually compliment my bags. So I guess I should have voted positive in that area.
  9. I actually get neither response, because I take my LV to places where a lot of other people actually carry LVs or other designer bags as well. Also, many of my friends carry designer bags, so we're always comparing and sharing info on them. Probably the most negative responses come from our DHs who say, "you spent how much on that?!"
  10. It's simple, some people spend a lot of money on art and jewelry....while we express our love for art w/each LV we purchase!!!

    It's our own form of ART!!!

    ...Wearable art!!

    Afterall, guys LVoe to bet on sports, buy expensive toys - m/c's, boats, stereos, etc....but do we ever complain to them?

    Of course not, we work hard for our money and should be able to spend it as we feel!!!

    Most people share in my love for the finer things in life ~ HA! HA!
  11. I would say my family "teases" me about my purse addiction! LOL But not in a mean way. They'll just say "it must be nice to be able to afford such nice things". My sisters love that I have such expensive taste because they get my hand-me-downs! :yes: My husband always reminds them of that when they are teasing me!

    When I'm out shopping, I always get positive feedback, compliments, etc on my handbags!
  12. I often get negative reactions, some are even mean, they treat me like I am crazy and only think abourt myself. Especially the friend of my Boyfriend! While they spend all their money on beer.......
  13. I do hear the same things from friends...the money is wasted on a handbag vs. their make-up or facials or whatever....:s But its just still money spend on non-necessity items....whatever floats my boat right? but its not right if were not on the same one....oh well......:shrugs:
  14. I get mostly negative responses I think... my BF and his sister are both positive, they like all of my purchases (my BF's sister joined tPF recently!:biggrin: ). But just yesterday, one of my friends started going off on me about how it's such a waste to spend that much money on a bag and if she wanted a designer bag, she'd buy a fake, blah blah blah... (now I remember why we don't talk much anymore).
    But overall, I don't care because I love LV (and expensive shoes, sunglasses, etc.)
  15. You got it dead on!!! That's why this forum is so popular. We found a group of people who can enjoy and compliment our recent purchases and vice versa.