Is the resale price for a Hermes Birkin that is missing lock and keys good?

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  1. Hermes Birkins needless to say are a good investment. But what about Hermes Birkins that are not perfect/pristine or missing the lock and key.

  2. Lock and keys you can get in H store for $250. Not a big deal
  3. In general, I think most of us here would not recommend buying Hermes with an eye toward its investment value. While H bags do tend to hold their value better than most, the market is unpredictable, and certainly leather, color, size, etc. will have an influence on their resale potential.
    Also, depending on the leather and color of the bag (i.e., is it still being produced?), it may be possible to obtain a replacement clochette.
    So, ultimately it depends on whether the missing lock and key bother you! I would think the price should reflect their absence, but prices on the resale market are, of course, highly subjective.
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  4. +1
  5. Buy only you like it use it not for investment
    Lock and Key can buy anytime
    Clochette may be a bit tacky
    Depending on availability of leather and color
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  6. +2:P
  7. No handbag is an "investment"
    I never hang keys/ clochette on my bags anyway but if you need those items they are easy to replace.
  8. +3

    to echo what everyone has said already,

    and the stores are replace key and couchette with time