is the relationship with SA really that important?

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  1. hi, I am just curious that is anyone here, just put their order on the waitinglist and never bothered "build up" relationship with your SA?
    Does it really make difference?
    I forgot to get my SA's name card, so basically i don't who she is. So, I am planning to go to Hermes tomorrow to find who she is and buy scarf ring, but, now i am just curious, does it realy make difference? Do you really get Birkin earlier if you had great realtionship with SA or, even, just know her better than other walk-in and walk-out customers, such as, me, who even forgot to ask her name?
  2. Yes the relationship is important if you care about it. If you don't care then it isn't. For the longest time I managed to buy what I wanted (not a Birkin mind you) but other things without a regular steady SA. But once I went the route of a steady SA things seem to be much easier. The Hermes world has become larger for me, as the SA is willing to search high and low for things I didn't even know existed. So it is all in personal preference. I try not to let it stress me and I adamantly refuse to buy something just to make the SAs quota numbers better.
  3. My H store is small and most of the SAs seem to know me because I stop in and chat even if I am not buying something. It makes the experience nicer IMO. But my purchases are from the same SA.
  4. personally i do think it matters because it's part of the overall package. and i prefer to have a pleasant experience whenever making high end purchases (especially from that store).

    but as gazoo pointed it, it's entirely personal preference. if it doesn't matter to you, then so be it. if it does, then it does. it's up to you.

    and SoCal has provided some helpful threads that clarify the matter.

    good luck!
  5. Thank you all!!
    I decided to stick with the SA who helped me on ordering the birkin, at least, i need to go there and find out what her name is, hehe
    Actually, i am thinking buying a twilly to match my new bag and a business card holder.
    Thank you