** Is the Reissue Tote seasonal? Will it come back for Fall? **

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  1. Just wondering, does anyone know if the Reissue Tote is seasonal? Will it come back in the Fall? I asked my SA at Chanel SF, and she did not know.

    I tried on the bronze version last week, and I loved how light it was. I went in originally to look at the Cerf and GST, and ended up falling for the Reissue Tote. It was very understated, with a bit of edge.

    -- For those who previously were helping on a tote:

    The Cerf was gorgeous, but when I put the strap on me, it did not look so good anymore. So it would have been more a handheld bag for me. And I have too many handheld bags as it is.

    The GST was also beautiful, but I wasn't so happy with the boxy shape, especially at the top; it just wasn't comfortable. Plus the shoulder straps kept falling off me. Compartments were awesome though.

    The SA told me her favorite was the maxi (not a tote, I know! :o) ... So I tried it on ... and ironically, I loved the size on me. So I may have to save up my nickels for that one next.
  2. It is seasonal. It was for the Pre-fall 09 collection. That doesn't mean they won't ever make it again though.
  3. Thank you lallybelle! I am hoping that they make it again this year. I think I am too late to look for this tote.

    When should I be on the lookout, for Pre-fall? What month? March? August? These seasonal cycles are all a mystery to me ...
  4. Hi Akionna,

    If you are still looking for the bronze reissue tote, i actually just returned one yesterday at the NM in Copley, Boston...

    Just FYI! ;)
  5. Thank you lareine! I actually tried on the bronze reissue tote at Chanel SF. Loved the size of it, and the light weight too. Just did not love the color on me. So I am hoping that the tote will show up again this year. I am happy to wait for it, though, so crossing my fingers ...

    May I ask why you returned the tote?
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