** Is the Reissue tote flap heavy? **

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  1. Hello everyone!

    I tried on the Reissue Tote last week, and I loved the lightness of it. Unfortunately, I did not love the bronze color on me, so I had to pass. Here is a gold version:


    A week later, a different SA located the Reissue Tote Flap. It is the large size (14" x 10" x 7"). I love all the compartments and pockets, but I worry that it might be too heavy to carry? I know from experience, no matter how much I love the bag, if it is heavy, I just won't use it.

    Plus, there is quite a price difference, $2400 vs. $3995.

    If you have this bag, please let me know what you think of it. Is it heavy before/after your items are in it? Do you use your bag often or not so much?

    Unfortunately, this bag is not local, so I wouldn't be able to try it on ... unless someone knows of one available in the San Francisco Bay Area?

    Thank you!
    Chanel-reissue-tote-flap-large.JPG Chanel-reissue-tote-flap-large-inside.JPG
  2. The bag you have pictured is huge! It is much bigger than the reissue tote and especially much wider at the bottom. I tried it on and it looked like a briefcase on me. I did not like how wide it was at the bottom. It seemed awkward. There is a smaller version of the tote you pictured that I think is around $3150 in price. It is still pretty wide at the bottom, but not nearly as large. This is truly a big bag so you probably want to try it on before buying. I think it would definitely be heavy when full given the size. It depends on your lifestyle, though, and what you are looking for and comfortable with.
  3. Thank you G&Smommy! Yes, it definitely looks huge. Like they stitched two bags together! I think it is functional, but I don't think it would be comfortable to carry, especially, as you said, when I have my things in it. And I worry about the bottom being too big at 7" ... which is wider than the GST I tried on, and I thought it was too wide at the bottom, and the GST was smaller than this one!