Is the Reissue in bordeaux..........

  1. Anyone know if the Reissue in bordeaux is still available?:confused1:
  2. probably not. first off, it wasn't something that all the stores carried...and secondly it sounded like it was quite popular. so my guess would be no, no more around
  3. I just saw it!
    At Saks in PA.1-610-667-1550 ext and ask for Damian.The only thing is that the top had a crease in it..Otherwise.. would of bought it(I FREAKIN LOVED IT!)
  4. Jill,

    How bad was the crease? I'll guess significant cos you didn't buy it??
  5. Not that bad..BUT for that price..Im anal..I want a perfect bag..Its KILLER IRL...I still have thoughts of goin back to buy it....LOL!
  6. is a pic I took of it to send to one of my clients.
  7. Oh my--I just LOVE that color!!! It's a truly gorgeous bag!
  8. You might want to try Nordies In Seattle....that's where I bought mine. They had a couple and they were kept in the back so maybe.....
  9. I love that bag
  10. I just got off the phone with my SA from Chanel in Short Hills............she said this bag will be instock in June as a Pre Fall item. So I will just wait till it comes in, this way I can see it in person before I buy it. I love it in the pictures I've seen here, but nothing like seeing it in person first.

    Thanks for everyones help!!:yes: :idea:
  11. that's great news. been wanting one too.
  12. Yes, she told me it was coming back. But I'll be in that store this Saturday.....I'm going to ask to see pictures of it to make sure it is indeed a reissue. I'll post whatever I find out.
  13. ^^ Oh please do. :tender: :tender: I am dying for a reissue - as my first Chanel. It's killing me.
  14. That's great news! I wonder if they are bring back the dark white 226 as well.
  15. I went into Chanel todat to speak with my SA. I was given WRONG information. The "reissue" is not coming back.......BUT, she said that the new flaps are just like the reissue, except they won't have the stamp inside of them. They have the same closure and chain though. The bordeaux one she thought was coming in, is a red color, but it's a jersey fabric. reissues will be coming back. Sorry for the misleading info :smash: