Is the red groom wallet a good staple?

  1. I recently bought the red groom wallet from Elux and am getting rid of all my other LV wallets to go down to using just one.

    But I'm wondering if this wallet will be a good wallet to use with all of my bags or will the red and white stripe date itself down the road amd clash with ohter things? :shrugs:

    I have a porte tresor mono that I was going to sell because its so close to the new groom wallet but now I'm thinking maybe I should keep the PTI because it timeless.
  2. IMO I would keep a regular mono wallet. I mean people don't really see the red/white stripe because it's usually in your purse all the time....but my main concern with a groom wallet would be eventual chipping/rubbing of the groom.
    I have the compact zip....and mostly just bought it for collection and not for use and use my reguklar mono cpmpact zip everyday.
  3. I reckon mono wallet would be something you should keep!! You might want to revert back to it sometime down the track. It works perfectly with any bag.
  4. I think you all may be right. I may keep the PTI and sell my others.

    For those who don't know here is the groom wallet. It very nice with its red interior I must admit.

    Is it silly to keep my mono PTI and the groom wallet when they look so much alike? :shrugs:

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Monogram Groom Wallet with Zip Pocket
  5. I don't think so!!!!!!!! It is obviously a style of wallet you like so I would keep it!
  6. The red groom wallet is my favorite!!!I'm not worried about chipping/rubbing of the groom, since I have no intention to sell it!!:P
  7. Mine too .. I think it is a great addition to your collection. I adore the red stripe & interior:love:
  8. I have one that I bought with my Red Epi Speedy. It is adorable!!

    IluvbagsI also like the red interior.
  9. the Groom wallet is cute, but i would be afraid of the color scratching off. and the Monogram wallet would go with everything
  10. You should keep the other PTI and you can switch off using the red groom. It is a diffrent design and the red interior is TDF!

    I wouldn't mind the groom or stripe chipping as it is normal wear and tear. It is expected. Why buy something and be afraid to use it? Enjoy it...
  11. agreed!
    i always use what i buy. if you really love it.keep it and use it, but you can be careful to keep it pretty.
    i'm using my panda organizer for a year or so, and it's still in great condition, no chipping at all.
    not the case with my MC PTI though :P
  12. The groom wallet is gorgeous but the groom might come off so you should keep the mono one for backup.
  13. Back ups are always good. That's how we can keep our collection looking nice, we need to trade out and not trash out,,,just like shoes... the more you have, the more what you've got lasts...