Is the Ramona OVER or is it a classic?

  1. I just bought a black one on sale only because it was at such a great price and I couldn't pass it up!!!! This is the first Jimmy Choo bag I've bought in over two years, so I'm curious to know what you guys think...........
  2. Mind if I ask where you bought it!!? I think it's a classic!
  3. The Ramona is a classic IMHO! The tote style will always be necessary.
  4. Speaking of Ramona-- for everyone concerend - would you go for slick or soft Calfskin??
  5. jburgh -- real quick question: Ramona or Mahala?

  6. Ramona AND Mahala!

    Ask yourself if you like the belted style (Ramona) or more of a satchel look (Mahala). I have both and like both. I am a larger woman and the Ramona, which has longer handles than the Mahala, fits MY shoulders better. But if you are average or small, this will not impact your decision. IMHO, the Ramona looks a little more casual than a Mahala.
  7. Jburgh, You are an angel sent by Jimmy Choo himself! Thank you!

    I would say an average, usually small as most ladies say.
    Now - I am looking at the Ramona in Slick or Soft Calf? Preference?
    Mahala - I am so getting it.

    Im curious, what does IMHO mean?
  8. IMHO means "in my humble opinion." Here is a link to email anacronyms:

    I am really fighting the urge to get a neon blue liquid patent (the super shiny stuff) Mahala.

    I love the slick calf Ramona in Red. A deeper blue-red bag for all seasons.


  9. This is very pretty! :tup:
    I believe you have a bag in Biker leather? How does it compare to the Calf?
  10. My favorite of the leather so far is the biker leather. Check out the Ramona/Riki section in the Style part of our new Choo Reference Library. I have both the tan and green biker Ramona's pictured.
  11. ooh the biker does look really nice. :yes:

    How do you clean it though? I'm a maintenance freak.
  12. I had no idea there are so many Ramonas out there - what is slick calf, soft calf or biker - are these different types of leather or different looks? Do they make new Ramonas every season?

    I HOPE it's a classic - just paid a lot at Neimans for it.
  13. abilicious - I have not had the occasion to clean my Ramonas, but I did treat them with AppleGarde rain protectant spray. Some folks will shudder when they read that, LOL. If my bag got dirty or stained, I would look into sending it to LMB to be cleaned and/or refurbished. I have never used them, but several of the gals on the Balenciaga forum have.

    galpal - slick calf, soft calf, and biker leather all come from our friend the cow.

    Slick calf is from a young cow, and the finish is shiny. But not as shiny as patent.
    Soft calf (I've not heard of that) is probably (I'm guessing), more matte or has a lower sheen.
    Biker is a thicker distressed leather which gives it some texture and variations in color.

    As long as it stays popular there will probably be new Ramonas every season. At least I hope so. The Ramona is such a great size. Me likey! :graucho:
  14. This might help too. Did more research earlier:

    Comparing Slick and Soft Calf Ramonas:

    1. Texture – slick is much shinier than soft (matt). Soft is more supple than slick.
    2. Durability – both durable, but soft calf maybe little more apparent when scratched
    3. Timing introduced – slick was just introduced from Autumn/Winter (June 07), soft was introduced in Spring/Summer (January 06) as our classic Ramona
    4. Grains – Grains can be seen more apparent in soft than slick.

    Biker leather is more durable, and scratches are less noticeable than the slick or the soft. The leather has been dyed, drummed, dried, etc. gone through a few steps to have the finish. The biker leather Ramona also has piping in water snake which could be more fragile due to its nature.

    :wlae: Jburgh -- I just ordered the Mahala - just a few minutes ago. Ramona's next! :yahoo:

  15. Which Mahala???? Do tell, do tell! :graucho: :choochoo: