Is the quality of the Tory Burch Double Zip Tote, worth the money?

  1. Thinking about buying one but I would love to read some personal opinions :smile:
  2. i have one. i have the orange. I LOVE IT...but to be honest i think I have to baby this bag. I had it for 3 days and got a black mark on it. I tried wiping off the black mark with a towel and warm soapy water. It marked the bag and now there is a little white spot on it from where the orange came off.

    I am VERY careful with my bags and never have marks on them. This one already has a bunch and I've had it only 2 weeks.

    That being said, I still love the look of the bag and love it. But going back I don't think I would spend the full $600 on it.
  3. Thank you so much for your insight! I'm glad you love it and you have been enjoying it but it is hard when you feel like you have to baby the bag.
  4. I have the blood orange color as well. I absolutely love the bag.

    Because I have had issues with Tory Burch products before, I refused to pay full price for it so when I stumbled upon it at Nordstrom Rack "worn and refurbed" for less that $100, I had to get it.

    I was surprised by the quality. The saffiano leather seems to be very durable. I have had mine for a few weeks with no issues.

    I absolutely love the storage. There are compartments for everything and the main compartment is large enough to fit a 13" Macbook.

    If you love the bag and are comfortable with the price point, I would say to get it. The quality appears to be better than that of her other products. I would recommend purchasing it from a department store though because if you do eventually have issues with it, the customer service will be better.
  5. Would you ladies consider it to be a good everyday bag or too heavy? I was thinking of getting the robinson double zip or the smaller sized satchel.
  6. It depends on what you put in it. I use it as an everyday bag. Mine is not very heavy but I only have a wallet and some other things in it. However, even when I did carry a laptop in it, it was't too heavy.
  7. I bought the double zip but returned it after a day because I found it too heavy and I couldn't use the long strap. The design is really bad since the linger strap pulls at the inside lining. I didn't have that much stuff in the bag either: phone, wallet, keys, blackberry, small coin purse.
  8. I waited for the bag to be 25% off but after a long and annoying process of trying to find the bag with no issues, I finally gave up. I went through 5 of them, and all of them had marks, scratches on the leather, or uneven leather. TB quality is terrible! I'm never buying anything from the brand anymore.
  9. I'm just browsing to buy a bag that can fit my 13" macbook and for everyday use. sounds like this bag is an ideal. Thanks!:smile:

  10. I don't have the double zip, but I have the robinson satchel. I got a pretty good deal on it (originally 500 or 550 I believe? And I got it for 280!). That being said, I love the bag but would NEVER pay 500+ for it. I just don't think the quality is worth it. It's decently made, and it hasn't fallen apart on me yet or anything. However, it's red and I find the color like kind of chips off? Idk how to explain it, but I was carrying it and rubbed up against my car, and it left a HUGE red streak. This has happened multiple times as I am very clumsy lol. The streak comes right off my car with a little rubbing, but still. This shouldn't be happening? The bag still looks can't really tell but it's still annoying. I just don't think the quality is worth the price at all. Rarely do I pay full price for a TB item unless it's flats. And even then I try to buy from places where I can use coupon codes. I do love TB and have tons of items, but I'm wary of paying full-price for anything.
  11. I got the blood orange one also - it's beautiful, but I'm debating whether to keep it or not because of the quality and price. I'm not sure it's worth the $600+ including tax.

    I got it from Nordstroms and it had a two small scratches (is that even possible - I thought saffiano leather doesn't scratch?) I ordered a second one and it had rub marks on the the edge and a couple threads that seemed to already be fraying. I ordered a third one from Saks and it came to me with a GIANT black mark about 5 inches long on the back of it.

    Because of the one I saw with rub marks and frayed threading, I'm wondering if that will happen to my bag if I use it - so now I'm just admiring the bag sitting on my dresser and leaning towards returning it. $600 for such a bag doesn't seem that worth it.
  12. I agree with bellesandbeauxs as I also personally don't feel as though the bag is worth $600 but that's just me. I got mine from Nordstrom Rack for less than $100 and while I haven't had any issues, from other posts I've read, the quality really seems to be hit or miss. I've gotten tons of compliments and I like the bag and felt it was worth the price I paid.

    That being said, I think that people should love what they buy and want to wear it. If I don't love something I pass on it. As far as the quality of the bag goes, I wouldn't be afraid to use it if you love it and brought it from a department store because if you end up having issues with it fraying, falling apart, etc you can always return it. Case and point: I had a pair of TB boots I brought at the end of the season from Neimans and never wore and when I went to wear them at the beginning of the season the next year, the zipper fell apart after having them on for two minutes - TB was no help but Neimans allowed me to return them because it was an issue with the quality.

    Hope this helps! Good luck with your decision!

  13. Same here, I must have returned and exchanged mine about 4x and everytime the quality was not up to par. I mean it feels like its a good quality bag, but issues can run from the threading coming out too easily, the scratch resistant leather is getting scratched very easily, the straps are wearing out after 3x using it, and the cleaning is tough because the color will come off. Though the bags at TB are very cute and timeless looking- the quality is awful. So, conclusion CUTE, but quality is not worth paying even $100.00 for it.