Is the Python Cerf still available?

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  1. I am finding myself obsessed with exotics lately and have found some beautiful photos of the Chanel cerf tote in python. Is this bag still available or do I need to look at resellers and ebay? If anyone sees one, please pm me. Thanks!

  2. ^any photo?
  3. chanel boutique might still have some but in black only
  4. I feel pretty confident they are completely sold out.
  5. Thanks, everyone. I am assuming it is sold out, but here is a photo in black. I am most interested in black or silver in the shape/size shown below.


  6. Jennifer, that bag is beautiful! I will be on the lookout for you! Good luck! :smile:
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  8. Thanks for the suggestion, TDTC. I saw that tote as well but really prefer the color and style of the cerf. I always seem to find myself falling in love with discontinued items. Hopefully it will pop up online one day!

  9. The only silver python executive I've ever seen is owned by our own Larkie. I've yet to see one on eBay for resale. I think you'll have letter luck finding a black one. Best of luck.
  10. Thanks, Smootoprter. I be very happy to find a black! I am scouring ebay daily!

  11. Saks in Phoenix AZ has a black one. I have one of the SA's cards. I think I can post the phone # and extension. (602) 955-8000 ext 5354. SA's name is Carol. Good luck!
  12. The Python Cert is pretty! Can I asked how much?
  13. Thanks for the lead, littlediva! Now I need to think hard about the price tag. For some reason, I thought these were around $4K, but it is $6295. Maybe I saw a sale price somewhere?

  14. good find litteldiva24!!!! :tup:
  15. I have seen the bag in person and it is lovely. They even have it in a glass display so no one can easily touch it!

    No influence regarding the ever increasing Chanel prices G&SMommy... At least you can avoid the sales tax?????? And the python is in my opinion worth the $$.

    Keep us posted.