1. I just wonder the price is really increased after Feb 1st...
    cause I visited NM and SAs said that classic line price is not increased....
    1) Then, is it really true?
    2) Also, I heard the news or rumor that only caviar, not lambskin or patent, will it also true?

    I was so rushing to buy some before Feb 1st.
    But if the rumor/news were not true, what did I do?
    I feel a bit annoyed....:confused1:
  2. It's not a rumor, it's true. If there are some Neiman's that don't have the information yet, then lucky are the buyers who can still get them at the old price.
  3. I m curious where those NMs are ?? 'coz we all can go and order the pre-price increase !!!

  4. Were do you live? lol Unless you visited yesterday...the prices were still the same there over the weekend i think.
  5. NM should be uniformly changing all their prices today, but if you were lucky enough to go yesterday, you might have found some bags still with the "old" price on them.
  6. In short, yes, it's true. No definite word on the patent though. Anxiously waiting.
  7. When I bought my patent jumbo classic at Bergdorf's this weekend, the SA said the patent is going up too... :sad:
  8. Where do you live?:s We would love to know:jammin: