Is the price due to brand name, or quality?

  1. When you pay big bucks for a bag, do you feel you are paying for the brand name, or is it the quality?
  2. I think you're pretty much paying for both. My mom always says that I'm paying for the brand but I don't think thats 100% true. It's also the quality.
  3. I like to think it's quality. If I'm going to spend a lot of $$ for one, it has to be well-made. But that's why I love the expensive ones - the leather is delicious to the touch, the craftsmanship is excellent, there aren't any frayed edges or uneven stitches, the style is classic, and it will last for years. I'd rather save up and get one really nice bag each year than have a dozen cheap, shoddy ones.
  4. I think people can lose sight of the fact and end up paying for the brand moreso than the quality. Tgen again the ladies here on PF are smart and know the difference in quality over a $10 Walmart bag and a $1000 designer bag.
  5. i think the price and quality association is way overrated. the expensive bag that 'will last for years' is probably used less, treated better, and not really kept 'for years'. if the quality was truly that much better, would you really need to baby it for fear of marring it? and before the MP closed down, i wonder how many ppl were selling bags they believed they'd keep forever? treat a less expensive bag the same way and yea, it'll last years too.

    and by less expensive, i dont mean the really cheap glued-together bags either. so far, i haven't been convinced the price difference is worth the quality difference.
  6. It's both.

    A $1000 purse does not have 100 x the quality of a $10 purse. It's not possible.
  7. I would say it is quality, brand and beauty. Many $$$ bags are like works of art. I not only love to carry mine but I love to look at them all together on their shelves in my bedroom. :love:
  8. both
  9. 90 % brand- Hermes could sell a Birkin for under $2K if it wanted.
  10. I think its a bit of both. If the quality wasn't there then the company's sales would drop b/c people would stop buying if they were paying $$$$ for a bag that fell apart in a year.

    As far as brand, companies can charge higher prices if the brand has a good/pretegious reputation.
  11. IMO you're paying for both.
  12. I think you're paying for both, but mostly for the brand. I've seen lots of purses at lots of price points and don't believe quality alone justifies the price tag.
  13. Mostly for the brand name, IMHO.
  14. You're paying for both, definitely. But sometimes, on some items, you end up paying more for the brand than quality. It's all relative.​
  15. i think u pay for both, especially with the hermes bag... I know I want one but I can't fathom the idea of spending over 10 k on a bag....... maybe when I am making over 6 digits in salary can even start thinking of getting a bag that expensive...