Is the preloved market for new Mulberry at a stand-still?

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  1. I was looking at a Facebook auction; it was for a formerly lively Mulberry only group and there was literally one bid posted for a bag within the first 24 hrs. One. There were 22 bags. The prices didn't seem too high taking what M prices are these days, but I'm thinking they are prices no one want to pay - M bags used to hold their value and they were relatively easy to sell if you got bored. Now, it's looking like the only ones that are easy to sell are either severely underpriced pieces or classic styles like Alexa, Lily and Bays.

    Am I just imagining things or has the new M lost its mojo on the resell market?
  2. What group is it? Feel free to PM me the name!
  3. I’ve been trying to sell a red Bayswater for months and absolutely no interest.
  4. There are a few resale sights that I look at regularly. It would be fair to say mulberry styles don’t seem to shift as quickly as they used to. I think the handbag market is so much more accessible than it used to be and there are many more resellers about. I’m sure it will come back round again but I’m not convinced the resale values will be what they once were.
  5. I don’t know about anyone else but with the cost of living going up I’ve just being spending my cash on updating my wardrobe. Maybe others like me look when the sales are on. If I’m honest there is nothing I want right now and the prices the older bags are fetching mean I will keep what I own.
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  6. I agree with the point made about the cost of living, as well as some people worrying about the future (I'm concerned about how Brexit will affect me) may mean that people aren't keen on spending hundreds on a (pre-loved) bag. I don't know if the pre-loved Mulberry market is better outside the UK - the economy certainly is better abroad now.

    Personally, I occasionally buy pre-loved Mulberry bags, but only at a very low price (less than £100) - if paying a lot of money for the bag, then I'd rather get a new one.
    I rarely buy pre-loved because I find that most Mulberry bags for sale are either too expensive or too worn, or both, and on top of that I get incredibly frustrated when looking on ebay; all of the fakes and the incorrect descriptions of the condition like "As good as new" for a bag which the piping is really worn on and that needs changing :annoyed:, or where someone is selling a bag in "great condition" but the original strap has been lost and replaced with (a very worn) one in a different colour :doh:.

    I do think that Mulberry is a bit unfashionable at the moment, and I think the classic bags are just not able to compete with the Gucci Marmont bags, the Chloe and Loewe bags that so many bloggers are advertising at the moment. A big Bayswater is just not what the really fashion conscious people want right now, I think - but I could be wrong.
    I don't see a lot of Mulberry bags when I'm out, and I have not noticed as many people in the Mulberry stores. I went to Bicester Village a few weeks ago, and Mulberry used to have a long queue outside, which is no longer the case - there are queues outside other stores like Gucci now. And I've seen Mulberry bags sold in TK Maxx, which I also think is an indication that it is not high fashion anymore.

    If/when Mulberry becomes really fashionable again, I suspect people will be keen on the older styles.
  7. Personally I blame all of the selling sites on Facebook. All the cheap people on there wanting bags for practically nothing then selling on again on the same page as soon as they received it (probably realising they couldn't actually afford it).
    It really put me off the brand as the pages got bigger. There's also some squeeky woman who does videos on YouTube who REALLY puts me off the brand.

    I don't see Mulberry as old fashioned but I'd also say it's never been high fashion. JC has designed some beautiful bags. GUCCI et al are not for everyone. They had a brief comeback but now they're more trashy than classy and still have rubbish resale values unless the more staid ranges, which aren't too bad.
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  8. I think the FB sites can be almost like a bag hire service. Buy a bag and sell it on days/weeks/ months later. Quite a few of thise for sale seem to be one-occasion bags. With an option to keep a bag if you can’t bear to sell it on, unlike you’d have on a bag hire site.

    Sometimes people like me buy bags and realise that the extended and glittering social life I imagined hasn’t come to pass and I have hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds of fine leather sitting in dust bags in my wardrobe. Not that the cash would be earning much interest in a savings account, though.
  9. I have purchased 3 bags now pre-loved my others have all been outlet or sale buys. I personally don’t buy my bags looking to make an investment or to sell them on after a single use. I buy them because I love them. My 3 pre-loved are a large Margaret, os Alexa fox lock and the mini lily bear lock bags that I could only get that way. Personally I’m not all that keen on the new styles having treated myself to a Chester in the sample sale but I am determined to keep using it even if it is my rainy day bag. . Please don’t worry all bags are treated with colonil carbon pro before being allowed out of the house
  10. I like the golden oldies, too, and find it hard to let them go. There’s one I bought thinking it would sell on in due course, but I can’t bring myself to do it...
  11. I don’t use Facebook sites but have been happy with the prices when I have sold with naughtipidgins nest or the finer things Aberdeen. I still love my mulberry bags. The classic styles I own (Bayswater, lily) work for me and I even added two of the new Bayswaters which I enjoy using. Also I am really pleased with the mulberry repairs service. I sent off my well used 7 year old black regular lily with soft gold hardware and had the postman’s lock, chain handles replaced and inking repaired. It cost me £200 plus vat and I basically have a bag that looks brand new that I will happily use for another 7 years. I am happy with my current collection. Prices are too high for me to buy new although I recently bought a gorgeous red medium lily in as new condition from naughtipidgins and replaced my fiery red New Bayswater with oxblood. Bags still seem to shift in my opinion.
  12. Haven't popped by the Mulberry threads in a while, but here I am. This is a really informative thread and I share your experiences. Mulberry is less well known here in California where I am, and that's part of its appeal to me. I just yesterday sent my Pocket Bayswater to a consignment shop. Their experience here is that Mulberry sells eventually, but it moves more slowly than brands more familiar here such as Louis Vuitton - this is not a comment on the design or functionality, just on the popularity in the resale market.

    From a financial perspective, selling a used Mulberry, even in truly great condition, will be a monetary loss, at least in our local market, so my motivation was to create some space and to acknowledge that I really don't use this bag at all - has gotten too heavy for me over the last couple of years. I would have liked to keep it just to look at it, but I'm finding that then I don't use other bags that are more functional for me, because of all the noise of the non-used bags. I will miss it though!

  13. I sent my French purse in and was happy with the speed of the repair and the results. I was curious about the Handbag Clinic. I was surprised when I contacted the Handbag Clinic for a quote to repair the piping to my Bayswater, they told me £150 but Mulberry told me £102 plus VAT.
  14. It took a year for my one small willow and a mulberry pink lily to sell and, even though I bought them on sale, I took a huge hit to move them on.
  15. I agree, no one seems to want to pay high prices for pre-loved Mulbs... ....I think supply outstrips demand. The market still seems to be flooded with used Mulbs and there are so many sites you can buy them on, eBay UK has over 3000 selling at the moment. We all know Mulberry inflated their prices some years ago but I just don't think used prices have ever been in line with these. The days are definitely gone when you could buy something in the sale on a whim, use it for awhile and then get your money back, even with the classics. These days there seem to be so many new styles that come and go and I don't even recognise them as Mulberry.

    I've not bought a new or used Mulberry for years now. I am happy with my one Bays and a very few other classic Mulberry bags.........I'd prefer now to spend any spare cash on holidays but I guess never say never, a new bag might tempt me in the future.