Is the Prada Re-Edition Nylon bag worth the purchase?

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  1. I have been eyeing this bag in both black and nude every single day now and can't seem to get it off my mind. I'm definitely attracted to the thick strap that can be worn cross body or as a belt, along with the chain strap for a dressier alternative. But, I haven't seen a ton of reviews on this bag so I'm unsure if it is worth the purchase. I'm contemplating on selling my medium loulou in black with silver hardware to purchase the prada re-edition but am worried I may regret it in the future. Just wanted to know your thoughts before I decide to take action lol

    Thanks! Prada-Re-Edition-Shoulder-Bag-Nylon-Black.jpg Prada-Re-Edition-Shoulder-Bag-Nylon-Khaki.jpg
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  2. The Re-Edition Nylon seems to be quite a popular bag, given the current Back to the 90s trend. I don't think I've heard any particularly bad reviews.

    Regarding selling a Loulou to finance this purchase... Are you sure you like nylon bags? If you like them, then I guess, sure.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of nylon, no matter how carefree and lightweight it is, and I wouldn't trade a Loulou for this in a million years. But I imagine this would be an unpopular opinion :smile:
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  3. I just walked pass someone on a crowded sidewalk that had this bag on. My attention was drawn to the big square pouch just dangling off the front strap. Like the shape and style of the bag minus the pouch hanging off the front strap. I would not pay full retail price for a Prada nylon bag unless I am getting some type of discount off on the bag.
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  4. You can search it on YouTube. There is ton review of this bag. I prefer the one that Kendall Jenner wears a lot though. This one is a little bit busy to me.
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  5. I purchased this bag last week and am so far quite enjoying it. All of the piping is made of saffiano leather, which I'm sure will only add to the durability of the bag. I love that the chain and strap are easily detachable. I can switch up whichever way I want to wear it! I'm a fan of canvas and nylon since they're more lightweight, durable and casual looking (my wardrobe is very casual, so it suits my lifestyle well).

    That being said, it is a very trendy bag and I don't necessarily see it standing the test of time. If you're already thinking you might regret selling your Loulou to fund this one, then I would say to hang onto it and don't sell.
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  6. Hello,

    I'd just like to ask, which color did you get? I'm planning to buy the regular shoulder bag (not the multi) in nude, but I'm confused as to which strap to get (either the one with the fabric strap or leather strap). The fabric strap looks better because it's thicker and it pops out more but I'm just thinking also about the long-term wear like if it'll get dirty quicker and if it'd be harder to clean. :smile:
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  7. I'm strictly a Chanel girl, but I just bought this bag in three colors!! I'm obsessed with it. It looks better in real life imo.. I prefer it over the Lou Lou as long as your things fit inside. When I first saw this bag a few months ago I hated it, but it started to grow on me and I finally decided to pull the trigger.

    The nude is gorgeous! I used a personal shopper in Australia to locate the baby blue.. I also ordered it in pink. Trust me, you'll love it!

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  8. Definitely get the one with the fabric strap, much cuter imo!
  9. Hi! I own it in black. I would also recommend going with the fabric strap as it wears more comfortably (imo) and it's held up incredibly well. I've used this bag daily for the last 2 months and it looks as great as the day it came home with me!
  10. Wowwww I was gravitating towards the nude but now I'm really feeling the baby blue too! You're making me want both colours haha. Still debating on whether I should get this or the lv pochette accessories... decisions, decisions.
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    The nude is such a pretty neutral! I'm normally not a huge fan of beige purses but the tone of the prada is really fresh. I just opened my blue one and OMG YOU NEED!! the blue is really limited so I def recommend getting it if you love!!

    The lv is also cute but I heard more people prefer the prada over it. There's a bunch of videos on YouTube comparing the two :smile:

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  12. The pink is really cute too!

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