Is the Prada outlet worth a 3+ hour drive?

  1. I'm thinking about taking a drive to either the Carlsbad Premium outlets just outside San Diego or to the Desert Hills Outlets just outside Palm Springs. I've been to the Carlsbad ones several times, so I know that between the Dooney & Bourke store and the Coach outlet I can find lots of deals there. However, I'd love to check out the Space store at the Desert Hills outlet. Has anyone been there? Are there many handbags and accessories or is it hit or miss? What's the price range? It's about the same distance either way for me, but I don't want to take the drive for nothing. I was thinking of going this weekend.
  2. Id call first and see if they have alot of stock
  3. I was there (Space) on Tuesday. Handbags were disappointing; very little Prada (and wacky ones at that =) and a few Miu Mius. Good selection of shoes, though.
  4. Space sucks. they never have anything good.
  5. Yeah, that's what I've heard... I wish I lived closer to outlet stores since I love getting a deal, but at 6 months pregnant I can't just haul my cookies anywhere anymore.