Is the pop collection

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  1. limited as the roses?
  2. Rose Pop and Galactic Blue are seasonal (3 months or as long as stock is available) Sunset Orange and Kermit the Frog Green are new colors for the year (as was Violette for last year)

    Roses will sell out before Pop if you are trying to work out which one to buy first :yes:
  3. Thanks for the information
    I want to get some pink pop stuffs, as wallet, the march trip

    I hope they still have some pink things. And by Violette do you mean the purple?
  4. My SA told me that Rose Pop and Orange Sunset would be 12 month colors while Vert Tonic and Galactic blue were more limited - 6 month production. But you hear different things from different SAs all of the time.
  5. I'd get in quick incase it sells out. Best to call a local store and see how they are selling. I just said 3 months as there are 4 seasons in a year of 12 months, I guess is it isn't that popular it will be on shelves longer.

    Heart coin purses were launched on Jan 1st with the new colors except for Rose Pop and Amarante which will be launched for Valentines Day on Feb 1st. Thats the case where I live, I'm not sure if that's the way things are being launched internationally
  6. Oh, and Violette is the lighter of the two purples, Amarante is the darker one which will stay on.
  7. The SA here told me 3 months for the blue and green and 6 months for the pink and orange. Confusing..:confused1:
  8. My SA said 3 mos for Green and Blue and longer for Pink and Orange. I know he said that the Pink would be around for a bit bc it's popular and it's selling well. Nothing is really selling out nowadays.
  9. lol this is funny! i was told 12 months for pink and blue, 4 months for green and orange.
  10. easiest answer which ever color sells more the longer it stays like the pomme it was seasonal and now it is getting to 2 years part of the perm collection
  11. OMG, are they bringing back the Amarante heart coin purse? :nuts: I thought I would have to scour eBay for this. Pls any info would be greatly appreciated.

  12. I think so, it was available on Elux last week.
  13. thank you girls, I want the rose pop, I guess I will ask to the store where I will buy it although maybe they say, they will not stay longer haha