Is the pochette wallet made in MC?

  1. I want a multicolore wallet like the mono pochette but on the website they only have the pti wallet, do they not do the pochette in MC?:yes:
  2. I am pretty sure they didn't make pochette wallet in MC.:sad:
  3. Yeah I don't think they made it in MC either... :sad1:

    It would be cool if they did though! :nuts:
  4. maybe you could special order it??
  5. Actually, they do make Pochette Wallet in MC, it's called Pochette Porte Monnaie though, and retails for $615. It's on elux right now. However, it has fewer card slots than the Mono Canvas, but exactly the same design.
  6. Not yet but I wish they would..I love that style too (I need the same amount of card slots that are in my Groom one).
  7. It sure is! It's on elux under small leather goods on the fourth page!

    Here's a pic:

  8. you gals and guys are GREAT at tracking this stuff down!
  9. I got one and here it is. It's so pretty:love:
  10. ^^ beautiful!
  11. beautiful!