Is the Pochette Accessoires.....

  1. large enough to hold say a cell phone, cash, some credit cards and some lip gloss? Does it actually look good enough to use for an evening bag? Is the strap long enough to wear on your shoulder? Any help is appreciated.
  2. [​IMG]Yep it sure is ..

    Although use this with a pochette extender to lengthen the strap.
  3. What is the pochette extender? Does Eluxury sell it?
  4. ^Especially with the bolt extender and it holds enough stuff for short trips or a night on the town!
  5. The pochette is very useful.
  6. I love the pochette! I'm attaching some photos of what mine can hold...for a little bag it can hold quite a bit!

    I've used this as an evening bag on many occassions. It's classy and goes with nearly anything. The strap is long enough to wear on the shoulder as long as you're not wearing a coat or a bulky sweater. A pochette strap extender would make the fit easier.
    pochette1.jpg pochette2.jpg
  7. yep:yes: holds all of that!
  8. yes it can fit all of that!
  9. The pouchette is probably one of the greatest LV bags ever made. I love mine,I use it everywhere. It holds a nice amount of things!
  10. Yes, the pochette will hold all the things you mention.

    If you're looking for a pochette to double as an evening clutch, you might want to consider it in black epi leather as opposed to mono.
  11. yes to everything! if you dont mind spending the money, i say the the MC!
    but mono is great too!
  12. It holds a could probably squeeze more in!
  13. yes it does! get it get it!