is the pink vernis still available in the us?

  1. hey everyone! i'm flying to hawaii on the 26th and i really want to get the houston bag in the pink.. i know they still have it here in sydney but do they still have them over in the us?

  2. The Framboise? Stores do still have them, but the styles vary.
  3. which pink are you talking about? Fushia or Framboise? They're both very (or somewhat lol) similar to me. If Framboise, I think there's no problem, but if Fushia, then they're probably all gone......
  4. which one are you talking about?
  5. I thought the original baby pink color o-o. The Fram definitely is, not the Fuschia not at all...
  6. I saw pink vernis in Santa Clara ( Valley Fair) and Palo Alto (Stanford) CA two days ago.
  7. Framboise is still available at some store & elux, Fushia is discountinue. :yes:
  8. They still have them, if while you are there they don't have it you can get one transfered for you.
  9. ahh thanks guys so much! yes i was talking about the framboise.... so yippee! looking forward to getting my bag when i fly over =D