Is the Pink Cambon Medium Tote A Good Buy?

  1. I'm contemplating on whether i should buy it or not, i'm more of a gucci girl and this will be my first chanel if ever.. I have some issues with this one because 1) the pink color. Is it a neutral, muted kind of pink or does anyone here get reminded of pink aspirin when you look at it? what would match it? 2) The leather, will it get scuffed all over after some time? what do u guys do to protect it? could i use apple garde on them too? 3) are there a lot of fakes of this style out there?

    Thanks in advance girls! sorry for the barrage of questions as i've been saving money for a bag and this will be a big purchase for me so i need to make sure. :smile:
  2. I like it but don't love it.
    Also, the size is quirky for me personally.
    Can you try it on before buying it?
    Doesn't sound like you're sold on it. I'd prefer being head over heels before making my Chanel purchase personally! ;)
  3. I agree with Swanky. Although I have the Pink Phone case, I would not buy the Pink tote itself. At first I thought the pink one was bright/ flashy but when I got the actual item, I realized the color was a beautiful light pink and its cute as a phone case :yes:

    IMO, it will eventually get darker with use since its light pink but the leather is superb and soft. Scatches, it depends how you will use the bag but like all bags eventually we get a scuff here and there. The color combination is not bad at all but if you are wary with those things in mind, I'd rather not get the bag ;)
  4. Your first chanel should be something you really really love knowing you made the perfect decision - and not one your contemplating about....I think I would pass and just wait for the perfect bag
  5. I just bought the pink cambon med. tote about 2 weeks ago. I love it, I fell in love with it when the pink cambon first came out, It is a perfect bag for me. Pink is my favorite color so I was drawn to the pink bag. It works for me. I think you have to really love something to buy it and you don't seem sold on it so maybe think if you like other colors better.
  6. I saw it on someone at the airport years ago, and I really liked it. I took advantage of the sale, but at the time I wasn't sure between that or another Cambon. It finally came, and I like it a lot. If your heart doesn't skip a little every time you see it, I'd wait.
  7. that's just the thing! i haven't seen it on someone yet.. any gal here who has a pic with hers? if i had a lot of cash im pretty sure i wouldn't think twice about it as i am a pink person... so maybe im just looking for excuses! haha
  8. i love the style of the medium tote.
    i bought the pink one too. i saw it on someone before and i really like it on them.
    i don't think pink is as versatile but it's very nice in it's own way ;)
  9. thanks girls! :smile:
  10. what sizes are these? anyone who could tell? :smile:


  11. ^^^ the first one is the small and the second pic is the medium
  12. I wouldn't get it. Maybe you can try a more classic color like tan or black?
  13. hi pixiedust82! i bought one from Goldfinger last year and i love it!! but honestly i dont get to use it often... and whenever i do, i just wear it with a plain black or white top. :smile: it's not the bright pink kind but it's not the neutral-kind-of-pink either...

    why not try a different color? i think every bagaholic needs at least one chanel :smile:
  14. We were in Chanel today and asked if there was any pink Cambon anything left. The SA said he had a few camera bags and that was it. We said we wanted something larger and he remembered a medium tote for 33% off that someone had on hold but didn't want. Is that a good deal? $800 something for the medium tote?