Is the petit noe flattering?

  1. I love how the MC petit noe looks but is it a flattering bag to carry? I tried one on in the store and was not so sure about it, but looking back I think it was overstuffed. The bottom seemed to stick out a bit. Can anyone shed light on this? My body is more pear shape so I don't want to look even wider at the hips.

    My other choices are the MC Lodge PM or the Denim Baggy PM (now that I got my Manhattan PM, I really want a shoulder bag for the summer). Please help! Thanks in advance!

  2. Hrmmm.. the Petit Noe. I have it in Epi. I am average height and it looks good on me according to my friends.
  3. I'm also considering the MC petite noe for a summer purse. I haven't tried one on yet, but I'd like to hear what other people think.
  4. the bottom of the noe tends to bulge so the lodge or baggy would probably look better on you :heart::yes::smile:
  5. i don't have the petit noe and instead have the large one but i think the petite won't overwhelm you nor add the illusion of width to your hips if you adjust the straps to be shorter and more "tucked under your arm" type of bag. from what i've seen, the noe really suits most everyone. it is super comfy to carry though.

    unfortunately i've never tried the baggy pm nor the mc lodge pm so i can't help you there.
  6. How do you like your large Noe?? Do you use it as an everday bag..or is it too big?? I'm thinking of getting one, but not sure on the size. thx:smile:
  7. i absolutely love it and yes, i use it as an everyday bag. i put a medium purseket inside to keep it organized but i think a large purseket would work as well. it's really comfy on the shoulder and looks so different than so many bags out there. the only slight drawback would be the depth of it but overall, easy to find things if you use a purseket. i carry a lot and need something that won't bulge too much and i was afraid the petit noe would do that. the best thing is to try it out at the store and put all your stuff inside and see how it is. i also use a scarf to tie it instead of the leather cord it comes with so it makes it easier to open and close the bag too. hope that helps! :smile:

    sorry, i hijacked this thread. :back2topic:
  8. I LOVE that bag! I tried it on today and decided it will be my 1st MC bag! I'm 5'2" and I think it looks good!
  9. just as nakolulu, i also have the large sized noe. i love it. i use it as an everyday bag, as well as a school bag. it fits everything! here are some pics i posted in another thread, of what it fits inside.


  10. put your speedy in your noe!?!?!? That is sooooo freaking cool!
  11. I carried my petit noe yesterday as I was dressed more casually since I was going to work in the office all day.
    I also rotate my bags every day & I really enjoyed the noe, it really is an easy, fun bag to carry.
    I like the idea if the large noe to carry all your stuff!
  12. I love the petit noe and i think it would look great on you.
  13. I just bought my first LV and picked the petit noe. It is a bit wide at the bottom and sometimes I bonk into things with it, but maybe I'm just uncoordinated. I love the size, but I haven't figured out the drawstring yet. If I tie it, I'm having to tie and untie it all the time. If I don't, it's too open. All in all, I love it, though.
  14. Petit Noe is fun to wear and the MC one is very cute. Actually quite comfortable on the shoulder.