is the perfo limited?

  1. Is the perfo line really limited? How come when i ask the lady in the LV shop if there's more...but she said they'll order more..and that it isn't really "limited" as they said..? i'm kinda confused,,,, cuz reading on forums on the internet many people seem to be having problems finding the bags cuz they've either run out or its the last one..?
  2. it is limited, i think it basically sold out (at least the bulk of it) worldwide. ur SA is refering to the fact that if you really want something she can locate it from around the world and have it shipped to your store for you. this is why apparently there are still some new ceries items in circulation? but im sure all teh speedies and demi lunes are sold out in the perfo
  3. i think the perfo isn't limited, but seasonal?!
  4. I believe it was a limited item.
  5. I'm pretty sure I saw it was limited. I bought the cles in
    fuchsia and :heart: it.... :love:
  6. It's the Spring/Summer limited edition 2006 by Marc Jacobs. In Thailand, they're so cool. In Thailand , FAKE is as many as authentic too, the fake item has 3 colors in one bag . It's so ..............that I've ever seen.
  7. they don't sell it in Thailand anymore either... ! i mean the REAL one of course... the LV SA said they're not importing anymore into Thailand
  8. :wtf: no way! i would love something cerises! should i ask my SA about that?
  9. the only cerises items that are still new in stores are left overs. they are not making them anymore. As for the perfo, I'll see it when I believe it. Saks in Cinci still has boatloads of it including speedys.
  10. lol yah i know... but i'm just amazed that there might still be some around one year later! i think i'll get my SA to check in the system for me :P
  11. ^ i dont think there would be any bags though, only small leather goods def. no speedies lol
  12. =) thanks... i really want a rond!
  13. You can still get perfo inclunding speedys on eluxury. I ordered a green speedy a couple of weeks ago and love it to death.
  14. I really don't know... :shrugs: I thought it is limited. :s I remember when I bought my perfo fuchsia bandeau, the SA told me that it was apparently the last piece and they won't have anymore of it as it's supposed to be LE, so I took it. That was few months ago. And today when I went into the LV boutique again, I saw one fuchsia bandeau on display... :rolleyes:
  15. I called in at my LV, and my SA said that there are only the pochette accessoires and the sac plat still available.