Is the Perfo Collection...

  1. discontinued? or is it still in production?
    does anyone know when it's supposed to be discontinued, if it's not already?
  2. I think it's still in production. My SA said it's selling really well (especially the fuchsia) and will probably be sold out by the end of summer. So that's probably about when they'll end it too.
  3. i think they discontinue the LE lines at sometime around mid june to mid july.. cuz they usually introduce the new fall LE line at the end of august.
  4. thanks guys!!
  5. Are you thinking of getting something?;)
  6. maybe! after i saw cristina's cles, i kind of want a fuschia one :biggrin: either that or maybe the plate. not sure though. just add these to the list i want :lol:
  7. Ah, the list!!! I have a very long one!!!:lol:
  8. Elux still has them for sale.. if you are looking for it.. :yes:
  9. I got the Plate last week, and love it!
  10. I really like my cles! I had purchased a perle vernis one, but it was too small. I exchanged it for the perfo one after I found out I could fit all of my keys in it :smile: It's a cute little accessory.
  11. I talked to a LV SA yesterday,and he told me that the preforated line isnt in production anymore... =(
  12. The end is near for perfo so get it now!!
  13. Hi Tammy, can u tell me for what do u use your plate? I like it but I don´t know for what I would use it, so I´m thinking the cles its more useful. I´m going to purchase it in July, I´m not worried about the availability yet because here in Mexico items remain in store more time. Here are a few cerises pieces yet!!​
  14. Oooh, what cerises items do they have in the store? :graucho:

    Get both the cles and the plate! They would make a cute set :heart:
  15. I'm using the Plate as a small makeup bag. I've got lip gloss, lip pencil, tissues and a compact in there.

    What Cerises items are left in the store near you?