Is the PCE coupon good on special order items?

  1. I want some Legacy items, which my store doesn't have. If I can get hold of a PCE card, would I be able to use it on things I ask the SA to order for me? Or is it just in stock merchandise?

    And, I'm assuming the PCE cards don't have anyone's name on them since they are selling them on eBay, and can thus be used by anyone?
  2. From my experience...You should be able to buy anything with PCE that can be ordered from JAX, but you have to go into the store with your coupon.
  3. :yes: From my experience, I have to agree with Admat97. I was able to order a few items that the store didn't carry but was available at JAX with the discount as long as I was there in person to pay for it first. One of the stores even gave me the discount without my card (as long as I'd mentioned PCE, but I'm not sure if this will be applicable during this Feb's PCE or if it's only during the "regular" PCE's like the one that will happen in March). Good luck with this, hope you get what you want with the discount!