Is the patent croc bag just a passing trend?

  1. I bought this cute BR red patent croc tote during their big sale last week...thought it would be a great work bag, and what a steal at 60% off (40% + 20%). I got it today, it will definitely work as a work tote...easily fits file folders. But now I'm having doubts...will I even use it after this fall? Is it going to look extremely dated? Is red patent croc too trendy??? Even though it was a great was still ~$150. That money could easily be put to a true classic tote...what do you think?

    Sorry...tried to paste pics but having trouble right now. Here's the link until I get it fixed...
  2. Think I figured out how to upload the pics...
    patent1.jpg patent2.jpg
  3. i'm not a trend follower. i buy a product simply bcos it appeals to me. from what i observe, patent and croc have been around for a long time. you see them coming up almost every fall, no? there's no season where i am, so patent is everywhere all year round. i would think every woman 'needs' a patent croc or just patent bag in her collection. for a 100% leather bag, that's a good price to pay. where i am, i would just settle for a cheap PVC one if i can't find a real patent leather bag for less than the cost of the Kate Moss Longchamp :jammin:
  4. It's hot! Don't doubt it for a minute.
  5. Like Glossie, I too buy what I like, whether it happens to be trendy or not, and yes I have a few bags that were "in" but might be considered passe now, heavily studded bags and a skull bag that some think is "out". I wear them because that is my style. If you love it, you will continue to wear it. I do think red + patent can get tired; I find my bright bags I get sick of the fastest. But if that is your style, you should stick with it.
  6. I bought a purple croc embossed years ago. It was inexpensive and yet very pretty. Although I have tons of other bags and only bring it out now and again, I have never gotten as many compliments as I do with that paricular bag.

    I believe patent croc, or just plain croc will always be wearable if it's done in a classic shape. The red bag you have is a perfect example. I'd keep it and wear it! It's really pretty.
  7. I think both croc and patent leather have always been in style and aren't going anywhere. As far as combining the two, it may just be a trend, but I think as long as you like it, you should go for it. Croc bags are fantastic and if you are lucky enough to own one I think you should totally go for it!!

    Good Luck and let us know what happens!
  8. Keep it. The red it HOT!
    I have an embossed leather (fake croc -lol) purple croc tote I bought years ago and I still use it. My mom is still jealous I didn't get her one.
    I think that one is really pretty.

    LOL. I just saw the other posters post...We might have the same bag....:p
  9. I agree, it's a really hot bag and you got it in a fab color so you'll use it a lot more than you think. Plus you got it at a steal so that should make you love it even more!
  10. I agree with the other posters - if you love it, keep it. Croc is always in, and patent comes and goes. If it goes out of style, just give the purse a rest, and bring it back out later. It's a gorgeous bag!
  11. It's a great bag, a keeper!!! Great color, and especially a great slash of color in the winter!
  12. Keeper! The shape and color is classic (every woman need a red bag!), and croc and patent I always see come back, even if the popularity wanes in the short term occasionally. I could definitely see this pulled out again every year.
  13. Ladies, thanks for all the great feedback! Looks like it's unanimous --it's a keeper! Thanks for your help! :tup: