Is the patent a classic?

  1. Hi ladies so im thinking of buying a black patent resissue 277 and i was wondering if you think the patent will remain 'in' and will be a classic. I dont want to spend this much on a bag that i wont still enjoy after a few months.

    How often do you use yours? And how much do you love it??!

  2. It will sooooo be aclassic especially with the gold chains..I love it to death.
  3. I bought mine in January and it still is my favourite! If it was denim, I would definitely say that it's not a classic, but not patent.
    I personnaly prefer patent because I have the feeling it's not as fragile as lambskin, and looks just as gorgeous!
  4. ^Thanks!

    Think im going to go ahead any buy mine! :tup:
  5. May i know where can u get the patent black 227 now? Thanks!
  6. Yes I think it is Classic please post pictures :smile:
  7. Yes, no doubt!! I think patent has always been in, and the patent re-issue is beautiful and classy.
  8. I think the patent will be a classic! I think you should go for it! Post pics!
  9. definitely!
  10. yes!
  11. Im set on getting the bag, just trying to pursuade my parents now! They dont believe i should buy it off eBay! Argh!
  12. Patent seems to go in and out of fashion without ever really going completely off the radar for any significant length of time so I'd say yes.
  13. yes, the patent is a classic especially the reissue! go for it girl
  14. Absolutely! My mother and grandmother wore patent leather - it's always wonderfully and beautifully in style :tup:.
  15. I would say so...patent will always come and go but is always a staple of any wardrobe I think, unlike shoulder pads...hahaha.