Is the patchwork out already?

  1. My SA said it will be out on April 1st.........but I hear people have seen them IRL already....

    Are they out?

  2. I believe that people have previewed them but they are not yet available for purchase.
  3. Which ones will be out first, the Speedy, pochette croissant, etc?
  4. I'm confused. Why is this thread in the reference library? I saw that it was moved here.

    Just curious :shrugs:
  5. I called today and was told patchwork launch is April. They didn't give me any more details than that.
  6. They were on display at the Millenia Mall in Orlando, Florida, with a sign that said they'd be available on 3/15.Is it supposed to be April?

  7. Ooh which ones were on display? The bowly or speedy? or some thing else? :wlae:
  8. They had the bowly and the pochette out.