Is the Paraty difficult to find??

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  1. Hi, I'm a newbiw for Chloe thread here.

    Just wondering if the Paraty with calf leather difficult to find in Europe??? The color I'm considering is black or any dark color (not browish one though) in small size. I don't know about other colors that are available in this season, any suggestion??

    The price in Europe for this bag is 1100 something euros, right?
  2. I was going to suggest the same authorized dealers as the one Mona suggests. Matchesfashion is really good, IMO. I live in the US, so I'm probably not much help!
  3. Well, I just want to try it on irl first before buying, you know.

    But thank you , I checked on Net-a-Porter, the small/med one is sold out though.
  4. ^^ where are you located?
  5. i think the paraty in the europe is hard to find in a dark colour! i have only found one black paraty recently and it was £945.
  6. Try ringing the Chloe Boutique in London they do mail order
  7. now thats an idea!
  8. OMG, bag*mad*bags, i'm stressed!
    Lescoy, I'm in Amsterdam.

    I might call Chloe London, but the fact that I'm going to wait for a few months before buying it (b/c I will leave Europe in June, so I want a tax refund) makes me worried that there will b hard to find during that time.

    Jackie1, how does the mailing order works??? How do I pay them???
  9. Can I have the price of the Paraty in Euro?????? Is it the same price as in Net-a-porter??
  10. Yes, I saw it madforchloe.
    I think it looks dark brownish to me in the website though.
    I already have Tod's bag in almost the same color, and I'm not much of a brownish bag person.

    But thanks!!! why is it so hard to get a hold on such a lovely bag! ^^
  11. Ugh If I were in Europe I could help you out better...I am in the States and really only know where to get them here. Your best bet might be contacting the nearest Chloe boutique directly. It seems that, even if you wait a few months, they might be able to track down a dark color for you from any of their boutiques and order it for you. Probably in black, or the color "Ocean" (very dark Blue), or the Dark Purple. Not sure what other dark colors Chloe has in Paraty right now besides these (that aren't in the brown family).

    Good luck!
  12. love to have ocean or black!!
  13. The Paraty is in continued production- so you should be able to source one when the time is right for you.They are certainly being produced for the next seasons.