Is the Papillon worth getting?

  1. I just recently purchased a Speedy 25. Is the papillon worth getting or should I just save my money? If it's worth getting which one is best? 19? 26? 30?
  2. I have one (30) and LOVE it!:love: I think it's a great bag and IS worth getting.:graucho:
  3. oooh, get the 30! it has so much room and it comes with the baby Papillon :yes:!
  4. I also have a 30, to me it's just the right size, and it holds a lot too.
  5. Yup! Get the 30! Nice and roomy, fun shape, and the handy little papillon!:yes:
  6. Definately worth getting! I have the Mono Pap 30 and it's gorgeous!
  7. I have the Damier 30 and :heart: it! I bought the 30 because it does come with the baby pap. :smile:
  8. Personally, the shape of the papillon just doesn't do it for me. But if you like it, and you think it'll be a good size, then why not ! :biggrin:
  9. Get the 30, the bigger the better and you can wear it on your shoulder too.
  10. totally agree - go with the 30... if you are thinking of getting one!!!
  11. Get 30 ..much roomier..
  12. I had the 26 but I sold it...the 30 has more room and you get the cute little mini pap!
  13. If my arms are thin, will the 26 fit on my shoulder? Just curious. Thanks much! Everyone is so sweet and helpful on this forum! I'm becoming a fast addict! =)
  14. Sorry to be a spoiler, but the Pappillion is my least favorite LV. Sorry guys.
  15. I have a monogram 30 - I have a love/hate relationship with it as it is too small. Also, though the mini papillon it comes with is cute, it takes up too much space. Maybe I just carry too much junque!