Is the Pandora timeless?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Do you think the Pandora is a timeless style? I mean, I don't consider it to be a "classic," but I think (hope) it may transcend trends because it is an understated bag, especially in the neutral colors. What do you think? I'm considering buying one but I wouldn't want to invest in a bag that looks outdated in a few years. Any thoughts/opinions would be appreciated!
  2. To me it is because of its simple understated design, minimal hardware and unquestionable practicality. I'd stick with neutral colours though.
  3. I think it depends on your personal style. The Pandora has a very functional, utilitarian aesthetic. If your wardrobe is especially feminine, I think the Pandora style may not work as easily.
  4. IMO I think the pandora is timeless. It's a really simple design wise with minimal hardware. Granted just like fashion, handbags go threw cycles where busy bags with lots of hardware are popular and then it flows to simpler designs less busy. While the design of the pandora isn't conventional it is very functional. With all the different ways you can wear it, the way it hugs your body, and it's ability to carry a ton without looking huge. In the long run I think that's what will give it longevity over time.
  5. Very well said....the pandora has a very utilitarian feel, much different IMO than other utilitarian bags like the PS1. It's not very feminine aside from the fact that it's a purse. Which is the main reason why I wouldn't buy it because I'm very girlie.

    I would buy the mini though because it could be work with my aesthetic when I dress down and the utilitarian feel isn't that dominate in the smaller one.
  6. Hmmm, when I think of a timeless bag, I think Chanels, Bottega Venetas etc...

    To me, those bags are timeless because their shapes are traditional, highly coveted and copied ad nauseum. Also, celebrities play a role in helping a bag achieve classic status, I think.

    It took me a while to like the Pandora, actually seeing others with theirs helped greatly. The style has the uncanny ability to be understated yet strikingly distinct at the same time. Not an easy feat. However, I feel that the latter characteristic holds the Pandora from reaching 'classic' status. It will nevertheless have a cult following and maybe, it will slowly become more acceptable to the larger society.

    That being said, if you love the Pandora, then you should buy it. Whether others like it or whether it is or will be a classic bag is irrelevant. Only get what you love and will use.

    Sorry for the LONG epistle, but your question just got me thinking a little too hard :P