Is the Pandora a classic style or out of date? Also can it be a workhorse bag?

Nov 4, 2011
I have both medium and mini pandora. Croc embossed in medium and pepe leather in mini size. They're definitely workhorse bags and can fit so many things, but I find that the medium really weighs down on my shoulders when I fill up the bag, even when I wore it crossbody with the strap. Compared to my other bags like Balenciaga, I really felt the heaviness with the pandora. The mini one is more of my grab and go bag.
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Apr 4, 2018
Ended up selling the small and getting the mini. The mini fits a lot-keys, wallet, phone, makeup bag and kindle, plus assorted masks and other things that just find their way into my bags! I’m loving it!

My mini panda is 8 years old and still my favorite bag!
Bought my first Pandora a month ago and it's a Mini. It fits so much! (For a mini bag, of course) Very user-friendly.


Apr 4, 2018
I actually think it holds more than some “small bags”. I fit my wallet, phone, makeup bag, keys, kindle, hand sanitizer and some other assorted stuff that just seems to find its way in there….
Same, I cuttently have my full-size wallet, large pack of wipes, tissues, hand lotion, mints, cardholders, phone, and all the contents of the makeup/necesser are in the interior zipped pocket. The bag still has some room to spare.


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Jan 2, 2007
Still love my small pepe pandora! One of my fav bags and has been used a TON over the years. I love having being able to carry it 3 diff ways with the crossbody strap and handle/shoulder strap. It's all broken in, so it's nice and slouchy. I love how the pepe leather gives it a more unique look and feel.


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Feb 16, 2009
My medium Pandora is my workhorse…I haven’t been gentle with it (but not abusive either) and it still looks new. It’s my go-to bag for travel - fits a ton, super comfortable to carry, easy to access what I need, and versatile in how I can carry it. It will always be a classic to me.


Nov 3, 2015
I consider the Pandora a niche classic because its edginess does not appeal to everyone. I live in a pretty conservative area and I've only seen two Pandoras in the wild in the last 5 years. However, it does fall into the category of "if you know, you know" and mine usually gets a second glance from those who know...
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Mar 27, 2009
I bought a Pandora mini from TRR late in July and it has become my go-to for errands. It was well used by the previous owner and is very slouchy and soft. It holds more than I expected and I really like the Pepe leather.

I remember seeing these when they first came out over 10yrs ago and at the time I didn't like the Pepe leather and I thought the bag was a weird shape... tastes change and I've seen the light! I think it's a Givenchy classic and I will wear it happily into the future.