Is the Palermo GM same size as Neverfull GM?

  1. I am considering the Palermo, but my friend had the Palermo PM today and it's a bit small for my needs. Is the Palermo GM smaller than the Neverfull GM? I had the Neverfull GM and returned it b/c it was too big when the side drawstrings were open.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. Neverfull GM 15.6"x 12.8"x 7.9"

    Palermo Gm 17.7x14.1x7.9
  3. wow, that's huge!
  4. WOW, definitely big! Is the GM measurement when the bag is cinched in? I like the size of the GM when it's cinched in, but it's wayyyy too big for me when the drawstrings are open. Anyone know?