Is the pale blue lambskin flap almost white in color?

  1. I have seen two pictures on this board of the pale blue lambskin flap. Am I colorblind - or is it REALLY pale blue and almost looks white?

    Would this be a high maintenance bag because of it's color?

    For those who have seen it in real life- is it gorgeous?

  2. I have seen the wallet is really really pale i think.
    But i think the leather will be easy to clean.
  3. Im just afraid that it will yellow over time
  4. seriously? It might yellow over time? Do all light colored bags do that? :wtf:
  5. ^yep.

    thats the same problem that people are having with the blush colored patent classic flap...its going to eventually yellow over time, esp with exposure to sunlight.
  6. OMG! I am so glad I know this! Because I have been obsessing about the blush patent flap! I have been looking on eBay for one every single day. That is too much to pay for a bag, only to have it yellow:crybaby:
  7. i have it and it is a very pale blue..i wouldn't consider it white though. it's hard to capture the color on camera.
  8. Gosh! Thanks for sharing the knowledge! I want to have the blush flap also.. But since you mentioned of turning yellow overtime, I might reconsider again!

    Saw the light blue flap yesterday.. I think it's too pale. The color is very dull.
  9. I love faint colors, I would die to see the light blue flap IRL
  10. I returned the blush patent flap b/c of this very reason, I would die if I see a 2g bag turn yellow!